La Morada Hostel – Who Else Wants a Secluded Mountain Getaway?

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La Morada HostelLa Morada Hostel sits in the mountains. That’s the best way to describe it. While crashing at Hostel 1004 for a few nights in Bariloche I began to notice the signs posted everywhere, and the conversations among the travelers about this mountain getaway. Having heard this much without even asking, I became intrigued and I knew there had to be something special about this place.

Hostel 1004 was one of my favorite hostels in Argentina and when I discovered that La Morada Hostel was their sister hostel in the mountains, I knew it had to be good. The same staff operated both locations, and a visit to La Morada is strongly recommended for those passing through. All the hype triggered my curiosity. Free daily transportation to and from the hostel, coupled with a great price led me to book a bed for two nights on the mountain.

The jeep we took to get to la Morada.The next day Javier, from the hostel staff, threw our sacks on top of his Jeep, tied them down, and we all piled in. The 20 minute ride ended in a bumpy adventure up a windy dirt road. Laughing while we bounced around in the back, I realized why they offered daily service to this hostel – there is no way a bus could make it up there. It was a perfect ride and introduction to the rugged mountain location.

Half way up the mountain and right next to Cerro Otto, this beautiful building sits in the middle of the forest. It was constructed four years earlier as the home of the hostel staff and soon after was opened as a hostel. The homey feeling is very evident at La Morada Hostel where one can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the stunning nature with all the conveniences of the city.

The first thing you notice upon entering is the wall to wall windows and the distant mountains that provide a backdrop to the hostel crowd. The views are so incredible that it almost appears as if the scene has been painted on the wall. Tables and chairs line the wall of windows for everyone to enjoy the sights and a fireplace crackles in the background creating the perfect cabin feel. Not to mention there is a beautiful, well-stocked kitchen and an internet ready computer.

The view from La Morada Hostel

The staff of Hostel 1004 in the city and La Morada on the mountain runs both locations and they are the friendliest and most easy going of any I have ever encountered. After cooking up a large dinner, I spent the remainder of my first night at La Morada playing a game of chess with the owner of the hostels and learning about the lives of the others on staff.

Just outside the entrance to the hostel sits the trail head to a short hike up to the top of Cerro Otto. A cable car runs from the bottom of the mountain and travels above the same path that takes the hostel guests a mere 40 minutes to climb. A light snack or meal can be enjoyed at the restaurant that sits at the top and the views provide the perfect picture taking opportunity.

La Morada Hostel’s location is definitely secluded. However, if you need to get into the city, there is a bus that runs from downtown Bariloche to the base of the mountain. From there you can walk along the road until you reach La Morada. And don’t forget the transportation services provided by the hostel once a day.

Chances are you will leave La Morada feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – ready to take on the Andes Mountains and all the adventures you will find in the area.

La Morada Hostel
Cerro Otto Km 5
Tel: 54 – 2944 – 442349 or 441711
La Morada Hostel’s site

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