Parque las Heras, a Little Palermo-Style Downtime

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Parque las Heras in PalermoIf your idea of a good time is laying out under the sun for a couple of hours, then you and I could be good friends. Nothing is more relaxing than plopping down in comfortable and clean park with a picnic of empanadas and dozing for a couple of hours with some new tunes from my iPod playing in my ears.

And this is what you see every sunny day at Parque Las Heras, located on Avenida Las Heras between Colonel Diaz and Salguero. Literally hundreds of Palermo residents, from teens to the elderly, bake in the sun at Parque Las Heras every day, in order to achieve that famous Buenos Aires tan. Don’t worry if you come without food or drink, because friendly street vendors constantly pass through the park with sodas, water, ice cream, and other inexpensive palate pleasers.

So if you are looking for a little down time to your Buenos Aires experience, make your way down to Parque Las Heras. And don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen; the sun here is less forgiving than you’d think.

Parque Las Heras
Located on Avenida Las Heras between Colonel Diaz and Salguero
Palermo, Buenos Aires
Image credit goes to Niels84, thanks!


[…] Last week in Palermo park I witnessed the next level of Motochorros – a guy did a drive-by robbery on a bicycle. He was riding his bike through the wooded area of the park where people picnic. He found his mark, leaned off his bike and swooped up the bag of a woman seated on a blanket. He rode off before she could react. She looked around and paced the blanket area for a while, realizing what had happened and having to face she’d just been robbed by a guy on a bike. It was a sad scene to witness and made me stop carrying a purse, to avoid the Motochorros – and the Bici-chorros too. […]

[…] Parque Las Heras en sí mismo es un punto de reunión de gran número de porteños, todos los días del año veremos […]

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