The Carnival of Cities Lands in Buenos Aires

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The Carnival of Cities at Argentina's Travel Guide

After a short vacation, we’re back with a bang as the Carnival of Cities lands in Buenos Aires! This isn’t your everyday ferris-wheel- and-cotton-candy Carnival, but rather a blog carnival.

What the heck is blog carnival you ask? Fair enough. It’s a virtual way for blogs to hold a little party, to showcase the best posts (about ‘cities’ in this case), to network, and to share the exposure and find some new readers. So without further ado, here are the best recent city-centric posts from around the web.

The Seattle Traveler shows you how to find Seattle’s Best Fast Food Burger (at Dick’s) which is an important endevour in any city you might visit.

Evelyn Hunter writes about feather leis in Birds of a Feather Nest Together, on her blog at Homespun Honolulu. I was just in Honolulu for a wedding this weekend, and honestly it’s one cool city.

For Yankee fans in New York, shedwa recommends Pinstripes in the Park, which is a broadcast of the Yankee game at Bryant Park, and definitely worth your time.

Carole Lane talks about a new housing development for military personnel, firefighters, and police officers in Housing Our Heroes at The San Diego Beat, which aims at “addressing our shortage of police by creating a more affordable housing option for our local heroes.”

If you’re looking for ten things to do in Chicago if you’re a tourist (or even a local) then head over to It Had Better Be Good hellojed. He just got back from a fun trip to Chicago and wanted to share his tips while they are still fresh in his mind.

And that’s it for this edition of the Carnival of Cities. If you want to include a post in the next edition, head over to the carnival submission form. Also, if you want to see who’s hosting the next carnival and posts from past editions, check out the blog carnival index page.


Evelyn on June 11, 07

I love the addition of the Cadillac video at the end! I guess we can hitch a ride to the next carnival in one of those! 🙂

[…] This week we kick off with the new (Nov 5th) edition of the Carnival of Cities. We’ve hosted the carnival before, it’s a great way to share other cool blogs with our readers and spread the love. If you don’t know what a blog carnival is, it’s simply an article, usually hosted at a new site each month, to which anyone can submit a post to be showcased. You can learn more at So without futher ado, here are this editions articles. […]

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