Take a Kitty-Kat Break – The Botanical Gardens of Buenos Aires

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The Botanical Gardens of Buenos AiresWould you call yourself a dog-person, or a cat-person? That may seem like a strange way to begin an article regarding travel in Argentina, but your answer may very well determine your desire to visit the Jardín Botánico (Botanical Gardens) in Buenos Aires.

Dogs are not allowed within the park gates. You may wonder why they would ever ban dogs from a park – after all, they are man’s best friend. Although I was never given a full explanation behind this prohibition, I assume that the rule was made in an effort to more effectively conserve the gardens that they work so hard to maintain. And rightfully so. The park is beautiful and so full of greenery that the buildings in the background cease to exist. The paths zigzag through the unique vegetation and as the trees open up it is always a surprise to see what lies in the clearing ahead.

Beautiful old buildings at the Jardin Botanico de Buenos AiresIt could be a greenhouse. Beautiful plants are plentiful – in number and in variety of species. It could be a monument. The beautifully sculptured statues add to the tranquility and provide a piece of Argentina’s history as well. It could be a pond full of fish where the kids seem to concentrate due to the excitement of the underwater creatures. And it may even be a building. There aren’t many in the park but the ones that remain are stunning older buildings that have been conserved and transformed into historical landmarks. The most impressive building that sits in the center of the park doubles as a small art museum as well.

It is a relaxing and wonderful way to spend a few hours. And if the gardens really reach out to you, stop one of the park workers and ask them about gardening classes that are offered on demand. Botanical Garden seekers are typically looking for a quick nature fix and retreat, so everyone seems to appreciate the solitude and serenity of the park.

Statues at the Botanical Gardens of Buenos AiresOne group specially considers this park a sanctuary in the big city – the cats. The Buenos Aires felines have spent enough time in the area to realize that here they will not be bothered by their four legged rivals. They too respect the calm atmosphere of the park and most likely will not bother you; but around every corner, under every other tree, and in every piece of shade, you are more than likely to see a cat taking advantage of the “no dogs” regulation.

Botanical Gardens of Buenos Aires
Corner of Sante Fé Ave. & Las Heras Ave.
Palermo, Buenos AiresPalermo Park, the Buenos Aires Zoo, and the Japanese Garden are all nearby.


Mike Kinkaid on May 19, 08

Thanks for a view of the lovely gardens. I agree that dogs should not be allowed. If you like dogs, keep one at home. Some people allow their dog to run off and burrow in the bushes. Dogs can attack other dogs. A person wishes to have a calm experience in the garden without walking on dog excrement.

Anyhow, thanks for your lovely input.

kind regards


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Todd on July 25, 10

The reason why dogs are not allowed in the Botanical Gardens is not because anyone is worried about the plants being harmed.

If you have entered any of the parks of Buenos Aires then you would know that the piles of doggy doo are everywhere. The parks are much worse than the sidewalks, which are bad enough. This keeps many people out of the parks. If there are any laws about cleaning up after your dog in BA, those laws are not being enforced.

The folks at the Botanical Gardens were smart enough to keep the dogs out.

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