Ode to an Alfajor

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Chocolate-covered Alfajores.  My favorite.Us North Americans live on peanut butter. For the Italians, it’s Nutella. And for those in Argentina, the staple of every household is the Dulce de Leche. It is a thick creamy caramel-like treat that you can buy in any market, grocery store, or kiosk. It is never in short supply. This sweet treat can be, and is, eaten on just about anything. But to maximize your dulce de leche experience you have to go for the Alfajor.

The alfajor is a popular dessert throughout the Americas, mainly in Argentina and Uruguay, that consists of two delicious soft cookies filled with a layer of dulce de leche and often covered in chocolate. They can be covered in white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. You can also find Alfajors de nieve, or Snow Alfajors, that are covered in powdered sugar and coconut. And occasionally each alfajor making business will sell their own unique variety.

Homemade alfajores, known as There is no way you can come to Argentina without trying it! Part of the reason we all travel is to experience a new culture. Well if you need an excuse to indulge in this scrumptious treat, there you go. The alfajor is a huge part of Argentine culture. If asked about their traditional desserts every person will mention them while drooling over the thoughts that pop in their head. And don’t be surprised if they run to the nearest street kiosk following the conversation.

Packaged alfajores make for a great sugar-rush on the run.The mass produced alfajores are brightly packaged to catch your attention from every kiosk shelf, but the best and most famous can only be found in distinct locations. Like with any food, the best quality alfajor comes from the home-made businesses. Look for the word ‘casera’ and you will see just what I mean. Many chocolate shops produce their own alfajor and I have yet to try one I didn’t like.

The Havanna alfajor is practically a work of art.And then you have the Havanna alfajor – the ultimate temptation. The success of this well-known cafe and sweet shop business is unquestionably correlated with the products they place on the menu. And one of the most popular purchases is…you guessed it, the alfajor. The secret to their alfajor making skills is unknown but the appreciation is shared among many.

This local delicacy will get your head turning and leave your taste buds craving for more.

Sincere thanks for the CC-licensed images, Havanna Alfajores, Dulces tucumanos, Alfajores, and alfajores 😀, go to their respective photographers.


Alfajor on June 24, 08

Nice review!

There is a site with more information about alfajores argentinos:


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