Sarkis’ Mediterranean Food Shines… Beneath Random Cheesiness

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Sarkis Mediterranean Restaurant and, oh, the cheesiness.I think the planets were aligned because an otherwise awesome Mediterranean dinner was slightly tarnished by the repeated (in all seriousness, five times!) playing of a cheesy happy birthday anthem at Sarkis Restaurant on Thames Monday night. With the aid of this song the simple and authentic ambiance crumbled, leaving the hidden catacombs of undesirable cheesiness.

The general idea behind Sarkis is best illustrated by the fact that while we ate falafel and mousaka, after being told there was no Sarma (grape leaves) some loud modern Hindi music came on and a belly dancer worked her way through the tables. The place is a broad smattering: food from all over the Middle East. Don’t forget to add a table of old men, one of whom stuck a $5 USD to his forehead and proceeded to dance with the sultry seductress, officially ruining the show for me.

So, somehow Sarkis became a classy version of T.G.I Friday’s or Applebee’s. But surely, this cannot always be. I doubt kids are always running around, or birthday girls are wearing little cone hats while a photographer documents it all. Anyway, I cannot complain too much, I was there with a handful of friends to celebrate a birthday as well.

Still, the food in our mouths was better than the music in our ears and we couldn’t complain at the prices either.

Sarkis Mediterranean Restaurant
Located at 1101 Thames
Palermo SOHO
Tel: 4772 4911

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