Buenos Aires Pizza in all its Glory

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Buenos Aires Pizzas Pizza in Buenos Aires is totally different than what you might be used to coming from the US. Argetina was settled heavily by Italians, who brought with them some of the best ice cream, past, and of course pizza in the world. So it is an understantement when I say that Pizza in Argentina is serious business.

So I won’t. Instead, I’ll let Alan Patrick of BuenosTours tell you. Alan is a cake-a-holic philosopher turned Buenos Aires tour-guide and blogger, which puts him in a perfect position to tell you about the history of Italian food in Argentina, and also about one of the best pizzerias to be found in Buenos Aires.

Not only that, but his blog travel guide, aptly named Buenos Aires Travel Guide, is a great resource on Buenos Aires, its attractions, its restaurants, its accomodations, and its charms.

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Alan Patrick on December 1, 06

Hi César, thanks for the shout out!

I just got round to adding this blog to my Google Reader RSS feeds so I can keep up with your posts, and put you into my blogroll links on my site, to maybe direct some other people to enjoy your blog 🙂

By the way, and I have this problem a lot with people emailing me asking for tours – I am no longer a tour guide of Buenos Aires, I am now working for a software company (and have been for half a year). So if anyone wants a tour, I’m no longer your man for that…

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