Carnival of Cities Comes Back to Buenos Aires

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The Carnival of Cities at Argentina's Travel Guide This week we kick off with the new (Nov 5th) edition of the Carnival of Cities. We’ve hosted the carnival before, it’s a great way to share other cool blogs with our readers and spread the love. If you don’t know what a blog carnival is, it’s simply an article, usually hosted at a new site each month, to which anyone can submit a post to be showcased. You can learn more at So without futher ado, here are this editions articles.

For a beautiful New York Sunset, check out Hudson River Sunset posted at Shedwa. If you actually believe that anyone famous would go to Seattle…then Mary Jo Manzanares tells us about a cool site that helps you find them in Seattle Notables Spotted Around Town posted at The Seattle Traveler. pSilicon Valley Blogger has a fascinating post about The Minimum Budget: The Cost of Living For A Family of Four (focusing on the Bay Area). I won’t keep you guessing, it’s $77K. And that’s the bare minimum! Um, Silicon Valley Blogger, have you ever considered moving to Buenos Aires?

In more news oriented posts, Alfa King Memories talks about how trade unions maintain pressure over ERB and Jami L West probably gets the prize for best title with Broken News-Zombies Attack the Alamo! about a fun little pre-Halloween event, posted at Going to San Antonio.

At 10,000 Birds, we hear about a “phenomenal wild space” in the urban heart of Philadelphia, the John Heinz NWR. An American In Oslo has a great travel post about the Trakai Island Castle posted and Wendy from Escape From New York takes us all the way to China with City Icons – Bund, Pudong Shanghai China.

Sheila walks us through New Mexico history at Bandelier in her earnestly-titled Perceptive Travel Blog, saying, “[It is a] little-known gem in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico.” And if you want to know more about Life in Brisbane, check out this awesome post about kayaking in Brisbane on a Friday night! And last but certainly not least, The Salem Insider has a very practical post about the lodging lowdown in Salem.

That’s it for this Carnival of Cities, hope you enjoyed it. As awesome as Argentina is, it’s good to take a gander at the rest of the world once in a while! You can submit your articles to the next edition here and future hosts can be found on the carnival index page.


Kristie on November 5, 07

Thanks for the love!

It’s That Time Again! on November 5, 07

[…] This issue of the Carnival of Cities is hosted on the blog Argentina’s Travel Guide. You will find a variety of blogs about many cities all over the world (including Oslo, Norway heheh :). Please check out this issue of the Carnival of Cities and show some love to the other blogs that participated. Thanks! Past Issues of the Carnival of Cities to check out: […]

Alfa King on November 6, 07

Thanks for includig me.

Jami on November 6, 07

Thanks so much for hosting the carnival! It can be a lot of work and you did a great job!

César Gonzalez on November 6, 07

Thanks for the love back guys! It’s fun to learn about new blogs through the carnivals.

Wendy on November 6, 07

Thank you for including me. I hope to return to beautiful Buenos Aires one day soon. It is a spectacular city.

gossip on November 8, 07

I love this city, one of most beautiful in the world

Carnivalia on November 8, 07

[…] The carny life has been good to us at 10,000 Birds of late. In just the past few days, we’ve been included in an urban carnival (Carnival of Cities), a literary carnival (The Writer’s Block Carnival), an oceanic carnival (Carnival of the Blue #6), and, of course, the uber-science carnival itself (a fun, Halloween-themed Tangled Bank #92), and that’s not even counting the entertainingly awesome I and the Bird #61. Have you visited each of these carnivals? You really should… […]

[…] **  The Nov 5 edition of the Carnival of Cities was hosted by Argentina’s Travel Guide, and they featured our post about New Mexico’s Bandelier National Monument.  At the Carnival I also had fun learning about Friday night kayaking in Brisbane, Australia and a wild marsh right in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. […]

[…] I’ve got lots of catching up to do, but one of the first places that I stopped for reading was at Argentina’s Travel Guide to read this week’s Carnival of Cities, in its return to Buenos Aires. […]

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