Hunting for Antique Treasures in Buenos Aires

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cimg1187.jpgBuenos Aires is a treasure trove of antiques and they are easy to come by in San Telmo with shops lining its main avenues and a Sunday antique fair that draws crowds. Beyond San Telmo, there’s a little known world of collectibles sequestered in warehouses and stored in country stores on route to El Tigre river. There are chandeliers, armoires, and coffee tables from many periods just waiting for the knowledgeable collector to whisk them away.

cimg1122.jpgIn the suburbs of the city you can find warehouses that store antique and vintage furniture in good condition and at very reasonable prices. Some warehouses list pieces on Mercado Libre, Argentina’s Ebay, where you have to bid and buy, sight-unseen. Buying one piece that way may enable you to visit the hub and look at a vast collection of finds from various periods.


By renting a flete to transport your furniture, you can capture one of a kind pieces for your home or for resale at an affordable cost. Investors are known to rent shipping containers and export their selection of Argentina’s hidden treasures. Smaller pieces may be easier to transport but certainly if you’re staying in the city for some months, purchasing antiques and then reselling them when you leave is a fun and relatively easy option. Happy hunting!

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