Tango Festival at El Tasso with La Chicana

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cimg1195.jpgIn the heart of San Telmo, across from Park Lezama, lies the elegant tango room El Tasso. El Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso – commonly known as El Tasso – is a supper club with tango orchestras, tango classes, and performances. This month El Tasso hosts their fourth annual Tango Festival with live bands and dance performances.

postalcopia.jpgRecently, I caught their most popular local tango band, La Chicana. La Chicana is a modern Tango band fronted by a couple – a female vocalist and male guitarist and accompanied by percussion, bass, violin, and accordion. The band plays frequently at El Tasso when when they’re not on tour. The couple have excellent chemistry on stage – she’s saucy and smart and he’s smitten and sarcastic. The lyrics tell stories of love, life, and struggle with a nostalgic tone. There’s even a tango written for their dogs.

Other acts in the Festival include Nicolás Ledesma, Pablo Agri Sexteto, El Yotivenco, Néstor Marconi Trío, Julio Pane, Hugo Riva, Rodolfo Mederos Trío, Horacio Molina, Astillero and Ariel Prat, Soledad Villamil, Susana Rinaldi, Víctor Lavallén Orquesta Típica, Mariano Mores, La Petitera, Sexteto Mayor, Leopoldo Federico Orquesta Típica, Rubén Juárez, Lidia Borda, Ariel Ardit, María Graña, Adriana Varela, and Selección Nacional de Tango.


El Tasso – El Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso
Defensa 1575
Centro, Buenos Aires
Tel: 11 4307-6506

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