Margarita Resto-Pub in Puerto Madryn, the Place for Drinks & Fun

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margarita.jpgThere’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunny beach and a great local pub to accompany it. Tucked alongside the boardwalk in the little downtown area of Puerto Madryn is one of the hottest bars/restaurants in town, and its name says it all…Margarita. Just hearing the name of the place leaves you licking your lips over the craving for a delicious cocktail to accompany your lazy sun filled day. 

Of course there are many other thirst quenching options on the Margarita menu, along with a full line up of delicious food. Regardless of what you order you will be content with your decision because the grub is good, the drinks go down smooth, and the experience is always a good time.

By day Margarita offers a generous selection of delicious food and, of course, drinks – or ‘tragos’ as they say down south. If you have not yet learned the word ‘trago’ in your travels, it is about time you add it to your vocabulary. And make sure you do it now before you head to Margarita, because you WILL use it there. A trago is a general term used to refer to alcoholic beverages.

Margarita is where the local 9-5ers retreat to unwind after a day on the job, where the backpacking tourists turn for a good time and entertainment, and where the fun and wild party crowd kicks off their night. Basically this place is always full of every Tom, Dick and Harry, (or Jose, Matias, and Oscar if you will) that you can imagine. And the food and drink selection is more than enough to satisfy the distinct palettes of every type of person that drops in.

resto-bar01.jpgAs the evening winds down, the sun starts to drop, and the night life kicks off, Margarita transforms into a fun, wild, and extremely popular pub. The local Argentineans and tourists come together within the Margarita walls to share a fun night and make some good memories. On any given night the pub will fill up as the contagious atmosphere draws in the crowds; but on the night of a special event you cannot miss it. Holidays are always excessively celebrated with endless events and festivities, live performers will occasionally come and leave their mark on stage, and you may even catch a fashion show where the locals strut their stuff down the cat walk.

Wednesday night is referred to as Margarita Rouge and it is a fun night to experience new cultures. The menu offers an ethnic cuisine that night which is generally accompanied by some sort of live performance to match the theme. Mediterranean, Indian, Japanese dishes may be found on the menu on these exciting nights. Then on Thursday nights they switch it up and entertain with guest DJs or bands. Everyone gets in free to come and check them out.

If you make it to the Peninsula Valdes region, make sure you add a night at Margarita to your calendar. The place has been so popular that they have even expanded into two new locations – Trelew and Puerto Piramides – so really you have no excuse NOT to go. Check out their web-site and online calendar to get an idea of what is going on when and get ready to have a great night.

Margarita Resto-Pub
Roque Saenz Peña 15 – Puerto Madryn
Tel: +54 (02965) 475871
Margarita website

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