Because exactly what the guy feels isn’t like, however, concern about are by yourself

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Because exactly what the guy feels isn’t like, however, concern about are by yourself

step 1. El ninato.

Smarter versus other individuals, funnier than just very, but get real! He’s 30 nevertheless inside the college. The guy lifetime acquainted with his parents or even in a facility flat paid for by them. His most significant ambition is hanging out till the system asks for mercy. Brand new ninato has not grown neither really does he propose to. He’ll assembled thousands of reasons to eliminate mature lifestyle. He or she is a perfect candidate if you would like remain trapped into the young people, but he’ll become an encumbrance if you would like display coming preparations, no matter their cuteness.

2. Este macarra.

He is a motor vehicle spouse that have biceps big enough so you’re able to kill an elephant and appears to be a difficult guy (whether or not this isn’t fundamentally happening). He has never moved a text in the vida, dreading he will get a bad hasty after; all the Saturday-night the guy ends up in a god-forgotten tavern with his “colleagues.” Maintaining their nasty mouth could well be problems to have people gal. He may look like a great man, however the macarra won’t think twice to spend currency you’ve been preserving with the vacations to your showy this new tires to have his car.

step 3. Este artista.

An artist, a musician, a writer…or every about three at a time. A true risky types of. The fresh new artist wouldn’t stop up to he has got your captivated together with mysterious visual halo and inventive paranoia, helplessly crazy during the his foot. Yeah, he could be fascinating in the beginning, but over time the guy can become new erratic, unclear, capricious type. For many who select an author whom takes on during the a band and you can shows in his leisure time, run away as if leaking out the plague. You may be condition near to an excellent ticking bomb.

4. Este futbolero.

The team does not matter – merengue, blaugrana, colchonero – the latest basketball lover deliver their existence for this. His class was his priority in which he happily wears the newest jersey or its colors all the time. The guy wouldn’t miss a match (not even an amistoso), he understands the fresh new formation for each and every bar on the Foreign-language League – and most of your most other Eu ones – and then he comes after the brand new investments with additional passions than simply a gossip magazine. In his vision, Rome is not the investment out-of Italy but a community into the Lazio. Do not get as well connected to the football enthusiast – he may sell his renal getting a scene Glass ticket.

5. Este indeciso.

This minute it’s a beneficial “yes,” the second one to it is good “no.” Now you get a hold of me personally, so now you usually do not. I am contacting you due to the fact I can not waiting to see your, but We never ever get there. You will never know anything regarding me for the next 90 days, immediately after which I am going to text your “how are you currently” and you may “as to why haven’t you called myself this kind of extended.” This new indecisive is good hell away from a mess; he will not understand what the guy wants that is struggling to providing the latest bull because of the horns. You will be upside down up to the guy becomes just what the guy desires, when he desires they. Zero ce bailes este agua o acabaras escaldada.

six. El tuno.

Endangered variety, although not extinct. This new tuno try men exactly who goes every-where with other users regarding his herd, every putting on a costume into the black colored and you may carrying audio devices. It roam off town to urban area serenading women up until you to definitely, by the elegance, overabundance liquor, or absolute boredom, looks like providing a tuno home with their. Overall he’s likeable, but they constantly feel lame, specifically once they initiate telling reports towards tuna. If you’re able to score your in order to play Clavelitos, you’ve got him on the pocket. He is good for a surreal farce away from a night, but that is they.

seven. Este salsero.

New salsa performer are a particular trending sort of nowadays, gradually invading this new Foreign language lifestyle. He been teaching salsa with his girlfriend, but the guy become altering couples in just about any bachata. They have moves, of course the new Marc Anthony track is actually to experience, the guy works the place. He will cause kiireellinen hyperlinkki you to feel such as for example Dirty Dancing’s Little one, for example he’s going to manage the remainder of you. Do not faith the new salsero, not even for a great sec.

8. Este guiri.

The Spanish guy on holiday plus the foreigner for the Spain for some days fit these kinds. He is enjoyable and happy that is ready to experiment, get to know metropolises, and have the duration of their lives. Having him, every single day is Xmas time, but ?ojo! This is exactly a temporal state. The minute he concludes are an excellent guiri, he’ll return to their dated notice and you may end up being a secondary adventure. Any preparations which you make to one another often flake of.

nine. Este desperado.

Pobrecito. The guy only dumped new girlfriend and he try soooo unfortunate. All the his company is actually relationship and then he is simply passing away in order to see someone special (someone who can endure him). For many who offer your a couple moments in your life, you’ll get to be the most terrific girl worldwide. He is generally very traditional and can draw you toward his family, a wedding, and you can 7 hijitos. The fresh new desperate guy is helpless – you or other lady is strictly a comparable getting him.

10. Este fiestero.

Mindful, don’t error this into ninato. The brand new fiestero features a complete-big date business, however, at the office the the guy ponders could be the then Friday night agreements. He uses a lot of time vacations someplace which have a dynamic nightlife, and his awesome most useful vacation attractions are isles full of raves, all-inclusive Caribbean hotel, and Mediterranean cruises – if they are an open bar. Cash is never ever a challenge, whether or not it are used on drinks. 99% of time, which specimen have a tendency to evolve towards the an apartment-out intoxicated. There’s always an exception to this rule you to proves the new signal, but when you expect the group boy become it, you might be much more drunk than they are.

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