Milhouse Youth Hostel in Buenos Aires Review

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Milhouse Hostel, Buenos Aires If you want to pay for a bed that you probably won’t even use come to the Milhouse Youth Hostel. Located in the center of Buenos Aires, this hostel is a social time bomb that is continually exploding. Even those with the strongest resolve will be challenged.

Parties are served up to guests on a platter Mondays and Thursdays complete with DJs, food, and happy hour. On other nights there is no shortage of activities. During my three nights there was a curry dinner, quiz night, and retro hair style party that I tried to dominate with a sleazy comb-over and shameful excuse of a crustache. And always, seven days a week there is a suggestion board that gives a pseudo-inside tip on what bar or club is happening. The hostel sells discount entry tickets and the people are always keen, sometimes too keen. I never got back to the hostel before 6 am, but when I did I responsibly headed for my bed. Each morning though there were a few people trying to live the dream, sprawled on sofas watching television or talking, fighting sleep.

While the fiesta atmosphere permeates the entire first floor from the evening on, the rest of the building is actually tranquil, with neat rooms opening up to 3 story open air atrium. On the top floor there is a rooftop terrace overlooking the street. The cheap dormitory beds are 28 pesos (under $10 USD). My friend and I had a two bed private room with private bath for $30 USD, after a 10 peso discount because of our Hostelling International (HI) Membership card. HI membership cards give discounts on all things hostel all over the world can be purchased at most hostels for approximately $15 USD and are valid for a year.

For the non-partier in you I should note that Milhouse offers many things unrelated to partying. Afterall, there is some culture here in Buenos Aires. There are walking tours, bike rentals, and organized excursions to a Boca soccer match or dinner and a tango show, to name just a few. The in-house travel agency is also more than happy to help you with any planning you need done.

If you manage to avoid the social scene or have a superhuman power to metabolize alcohol without the resulting hangover you are not at a loss. Located on the street with the hardest name to pronounce in the entire city (Hipolito Yrigoyen) it is actually very central so you can see most of Buenos Aires with very little effort. For personal reference it is easiest to remember you are essentially at the corner of Nueve de Julio and Avenue de Mayo. Right around the corner there are many restaurants and shops. Avenue de Mayo is a beautiful, wide, tree -lined street that empties into Plaza de Mayo, which has some incredible buildings like the mammoth National Bank and pink “Casa Rosada” (House of Government). In addition the A and C line subte have stops a block from the hostel, providing easy access almost everywhere. Of course, there is the giant, phallic Obelisk looming right down Nueve de Julio. My only complaint is that it is quite far from Palermo and Palermo Hollywood, two very hip areas. However, it`s a simple fact you cannot be everywhere at once.

If you need any assistance with anything while you are staying here the garrulous and attractive staff will gladly help you.

Milhouse Hostel
959 Hipolito Yrigoyen
Phone: 54 11 4345 9606

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