Don Pernil in Puerto Madryn – Gourmet Delicatessen Done Right

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img_0446.JPGAs you weave your way through the exciting streets of Buenos Aires you’ll not need to travel far before coming across a delicatessen shop. They are amazing, delicious and a great way to learn about Argentine culture through the food. The more time you spend in these shops the more addicting they become. Which is wonderful, until you leave the big city and your delicatessen encounters begin to dwindle.

While living in sea side Puerto Madryn I was thrilled to come across Don Pernil and wander through the shop where the big city was being reflected off of every can of pate, jar of ocean specialties and bottle of wine. Don Pernil was the fist food delicatessen shop to open in this touristy town and although others have sprung up since that time, it remains a tradition among the locals. The high quality, gourmet food is complemented by just as high quality service. With every visit you are almost guaranteed to meet Guillermo, the friendly store owner, who takes as much pride in meeting new people as he does in his market itself.

img_0453.JPGGuillermo not only knows his food, but he is also a wine expert and connoisseur who regularly gives lessons on the art of wine, he is a published author of his books regarding all things in Patagonia which you can purchase in his shop, AND to top it all off he speaks beautiful English. These are just a few of the reasons that his shop has been such a hit.

Don Pernil is a small store in dimension but huge in offerings. In the back you will find a deli where he offers a variety of Patagonian meats and cheeses, as well as the delicious dulce de membrillo which is a sweeter snack used to accompany cheese for a dessert. The staples of the Argentine diet are in always in abundance. Dulce de leche, various brands of mate, and alfajores fill the shelves.

Puerto Madryn is a beach town so you can definitely expect to find a variety of jarred sea food items such as octopus, clams, calamari, and fish. And many other specialties such as antipasto items, specialty mushrooms, specialty jams, Torta Galesa, and even the essentials for making sushi. The food options are plentiful and will have your mouth watering the second you walk in.

img_0454.JPGQuality is a key word in Don Pernil. Guillermo himself makes a point of selling the best and only the best. If that means he has to travel to every alfajor factory within a 100 km radius to find that one perfect cookie to sell in his store, he’ll do it. In fact, he already has. You can only purchase one brand of alfajores and Torta Galesa in his store, and that’s because they are the best around. It took a lot of hard work sampling all those sweets in the area but if that is what it takes to please his customers, he’ll do it.

img_0449.JPGNow that we have your mind conjuring up images of your big feast make sure your anticipation doesn’t lead you out the front door until you find a delicious wine to accompany your meal. The Mendoza region is best known for its wine in Argentina, but at Don Pernil you can purchase and also learn about the wines of Patagonia, as well as other regions. Any question you may have, Guillermo has the answer. And you’ll leave with a wine that will more than satisfy your palette.

One stop by Don Pernil will leave you craving more. Don’t miss out on this gourmet market and fun experience.

Don Pernil
Av. Roca 636 Loc. 1
Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Tel 454885

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