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In India, there is a popular and rather bizarre reverence for Argentine fútbol. While this represents an interesting example of cross-cultural pollination, this adoration is not necessarily reciprocated on the Argentine side for all things Indian, especially in terms of food. That being said, there is a smattering of Indian restaurants in the city, and a handful of very good establishments that serve South Asian cuisine. Make sure that you tell the waiter you like your food spicy (a three chili pepper warning on the menu will probably barely register on your palate).


Bangalore is a small, intimate restaurant and bar located in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood across the street and around the corner from Niceto nightclub. The ambiance upstairs at least, is authentically Indian (you can sit on the floor) and the food does not disappoint. Try one of the sampler platters for two or the beef vindaloo.

Downstairs the pub looks typically English, with plenty of dark wood and a small fireplace that gets going in winter. The same menu is offered above and below, so if you can’t get a seat upstairs (reservations are recommended) settle in at a tiny table downstairs and enjoy the scene.

Tip: Strangely, if you are hankering for a hamburger, this is a great place to indulge—you’ll need a knife and fork.

Get there: Humboldt 1416, between Niceto Vega and Cabrera, Palermo
Tel: (5411) 4779-2621
Open every day from 6PM


Bengal Buenos Aires Argentina

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Described as one of the best restaurants in the city, Bengal offers an interesting culinary combination- Italian and Indian food. The menu is extensive, complex, and rich, and the wine list is extensive.

Get there: Arenales 837, between Suipacha and Esmeralda, Downtown
Tel: (5411) 4314-2926
Open for dinner Monday to Saturday. Open for lunch Monday to Friday


Tandoor is relatively new to the scene, but serves refreshingly authentic Indian food. The owner moved to Buenos Aires from India to open a quality and authentic restaurant, and all the dishes are fantastic, well-spiced, and popular with Argentines seeking an ethnic experience and ex-pats looking to get a spice fix. Don’t expect a traditional “Indian” ambiance here, but an airy, modern establishment with Hindu touches.

Get there: Laprida 1293, between Charcas and Mansilla, Palermo
Tel: (5411) 4821-3676
Open Monday to Saturday 8:00 PM until close

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