Italian Restaurants

Eh! Santino

Cool, trendy, and sporty are a few words used to describe this eatery in the upscale barrio of Las Cañitas, although “excellent cuisine” could easily be added. The cannellonis are to die for.

Báez 194/6
Las Cañitas
Tel: 4779-9060

Guido’s Bar

Famous on the restaurant circuit, diners pay a set price and the waiters select the dish and how much food you’ll get (normally you’ll leave feeling, on a night when they don’t feel like stuffing you, ridiculously full) – get ready for a marathon eating session.

República de la India 2843
Tel: 4802-2391


Sottovoce serves excellent Italian food in an upscale locale. Portions are huge, but save room for dessert- the ice cream in espresso is definitely worth it.

Alicia Moreau de Justo 176
Puerto Madero
Tel: 4313-1199

La Parolaccia

A restaurant with a great service and exquisite meals offers all kinds of Italian foods including pasta. Go on an empty stomach as appetizers, main courses and desserts are all tempting and delicious.

Alicia Moreau de Justo 1052
Puerto Madero (various location, check out website)
Tel: 4343-1679


PastaPasta in Buenos Aires comes in all shapes and sizes- from long and flat fettuccini with filete to fat and rich gnocchi with nut sauce. Most restaurants feature menus with half a dozen different noodles to choose from, and on top of that another dozen sauces—the options and combinations are endless. If this seems overwhelming, you can also buy fresh pasta and sauce from a local home-made pasta store to cook at home. These shops generally offer pasta for a third of the price of what you would find in restaurants, but equally as delicious. We’ve listed a few below.

La Juvenil

La Juvenil is a store offering home made pasta to eat at home with locations all over the city.

Pueyrredón 1827 (various locations, check out website)
Barrio Norte
Tel: 4806-3997

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol claims to make the best pastas in Palermo, and their assertion is not off the mark.

Scalabrini Ortiz 2468
Tel: 4831-2466

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