Finding the Antiques


Old Indoor San Telmo Market
Get there before 6pm to ensure you get enough time to browse.

Main entrance: corner of Bolivar and Carlos Calvo
Other entrances: 954 and 970 Bolivar, 455 and 475 Carlos Calvo,
460 and 468 Estados Unidos and 961 Defensa.

Federico Marino
For better quality antiques try Federico Marino. The store has and spectacular higher-end antiques, including larger marble garden statues and other marble goods.

Defensa 1025
Tel: 4362-1241

Calle Mayor Antiguedades
In addition to smaller marble goods, the store has a large amount of impressive chandeliers and antique furniture. An advertisement in the window says they ship worldwide.

Defensa 974
Tel: 4300-8782

Note: Both stores are open 9am-6pm but, again, opening hours are flexible depending on customer traffic.

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