El Paseo de Compras

Buenos Tiempos marks the edge of the main shopping district. It’s large with a wide variety of souvenirs, soccer jerseys and some descent leather goods. Head toward the water (the building numbers ascend as you get closer to the water) to find the main shopping district.

Corner of Olavarra and Iberlucea

Typical Souvenir Shops:

Your typical souvenir shops, with good variety of postcards and small trinkets to send home. Get stamps at either a stationary shop or post office.

El Rincon de Lucia

Iberlucea 699


Iberlucea 774

El Timon Regales

Iberlucea 1244

El Rincon de Quinquela

The colorful sign invites you into a clean shop abounding with the perfect mementos of your trip to Argentina.

Magallanes 855

La Caminita (Conventillo Historico de 1881)

Check out #15 Madre Tierra Artesania and its lookout point of La Boca upstairs, and #13 Morgana Accesorios de Moda y Decoracion. There are free public bathrooms here on your right when you walk in.

Entrance at 861 Magallanes

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