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  • Comme Il Faut Arenales 1239 – Puerta 3M. 4815-5690
  • This store was the first to create “haute couture” tango shoes. They are the most beautiful Tango shoes in the world. Not for the indecisive, they come in an enormous range of styles and colors. When I wear mine out in NY, I’ve been complimented on my Manolo Blahniks, they are just that beautiful! And… comfortable too! You can buy them from a lower heel height to the very highest sexy spike. Pricey, but well worth it. Only for women.

  • Neo Tango Sarmiento 1938. 4951-8694
  • Here too you can find colorful, comfortable shoes in a variety of styles. Another alternative if the above store is too pricy or if the shoes just don’t go with your feet! Here the men can also find some wonderful selections, with varying colors and styles for all tastes.

  • Tango Brujo Esmeralda 754. 4325-8264
  • Beautiful selections, including brocade fabrics that are delicate and glistening. Here you can find not only beautiful tango shoes, but good practice sneakers that come in various styles. Great for women and men.

  • Delie Piedras 843. 4300-8521
  • The shoemaker here makes traditional shoes that are comfortable and long lasting. These are perfect for the beginner, or for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice solidity for fashion. A favorite with the Milongueros, there are shoes for both women and men.

  • TangoLeike Sarmiento 1947
  • The Street of Tango Shoes is Suipacha, all close to La Ideal. The first famous store is here (Flabella) as well as 3 or 4 others.

    Many stores now carry the tango tennis shoes popular with the young tango neuvo crowd.


    Tango Brujo Esmeralda 754. 4325-8264

    Fun clothes for classes and nice styles for Milongas or performing.

    DNI Tango. Corrientes 2140. Tel: 4952-1688

    Signature styles for practicing and Milongas.

    Aurora Lubiz
    by appointment. 15-5699-3537

    Beautiful, originally designed clothes created by someone who really knows what clothes should feel like while dancing. Aurora also designs her own line of beautifully made shoes.

    Berretines De Bacana by appointment. 15-4473-2234

    Beautiful, interesting, and innovative designs for class, Milongas, and the stage.

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