Where to Study


Often there is a tango class before a milonga. Sometimes the price of the milonga includes the class, but not always.

Milonguero Style

La Academia at El Beso:Riobamba 416. 4582-7050 The director of the school is Susana Miller. All of her teachers are solidly steeped in the technique and know their business. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Call for days and times.

La Academia de Ana Maria Schapira 4962-7922 As one of the leading teachers in Milonguero style, Senora Schapira is well respected and particularly good for men. Her classes are located in various areas of town, making them accessible for anyone. On Mondays a 9 – 11 PM class for all levels is in Recoleta at Club Libanes, Junin 1462. On Wednesdays and Fridays class for beginners is from 8 – 10 PM class is in the Center at Riobamba 345. On Fridays from 9 to 11 class for intermediate and advanced level is at Parakultural, Scalabrini Ortiz 1331.

Mimi Santapa 4639-0385 or 15-5055-6826 Posture, leading and balance, special classes for women. Private and group classes.

Gustavo y Virginia 4957-7157 Specilists in Milonga Traspie. Classes in Gricel, La Rioja 1180, Mondays 7:30 p.m.

Ruben y Cherie 4932-5027 (English) or 15-5799-2038 (Castellano) Finalists in the Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango 2006. Milongueros who dance regularly in the milongas and teach with an emphasis on musicality and improvisation.

Salon Style

Escuela Argentina de Tango Centro Cultural Borges, Galerias Pacifico, Viamonte and San Martin. 4312-4990. With far too many teachers to list, this school is known for solid classes with first class training. Mixed in with general classes, you can find special seminars on elements such as dancing for the stage and training for teachers. There are music and voice classes offered. Here you will find Jorge Firpo and Aurora Lubiz, two well known teachers and performers in Salon style.

Estudio La Esquina Sarmiento 722, 4th floor. 4394-9898 This is the school where you will find Fernando and Vilma, one of the foremost couples in Salon. Other good teachers are here as well, including director Vanina Bilous’s classes, which are by appointment only and well worth the time and money. In addition to all levels, there is a stretch class and a woman’s technique class.

Ernesto Balmaceda and Stella Baez
4372-7925 Ernesto and Stella are excellent teachers for both the beginner and intermediate student. They have a clear and approachable way of introducing their technique and give everyone equal attention. Private lessons with them are elucidating and recommended for faster improvement. As they change studios from time to time, you need to call.

Nuevo Style

Tango Brujo Esmeralda 754. 4325-8264. As one of the foremost schools in this style, it is hard to make a mistake when choosing a teacher. Take with the talented Kara Wenham and Matias Facio, Mariela Sametband and Gaston Torelli, or Anita Monteagudo and Pablo Betamar, or any of the other young and innovative teachers. With a practica, additional technique classes for women, a physical preparation class, and choreography seminars, this studio offers complete insight into the possibilities within the dance as it is evolving. Here is the perfect place to discover the wide range of techniques within the style while meeting interesting dancers from all over the world. Here you will also find a wide range of tango clothes and shoes as well as CDs and memorabilia in the downstairs store.

DNI Tango Corrientes 2140. 4952-1688. Directors Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frigoli have created a beautiful studio where all of the teachers have been former students. With training that is all of a piece, students learn the technique from the ground up. Here you will find a practica as well as yoga and voice classes. There is a small café in the back where dancers can mingle, and a store with specially designed clothing and shoes.

Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela
Salon Dandi, Piedras 936 15-5860-3166 Wednesdays 8- 10 PM. Each class begins with a warm up to physically orient the dancer before movement begins. Here the training is solid and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. There is a Milonga afterwards where all the styles merge, making for a wonderful and long evening of practicing steps and enjoying a night out in one of the most beautiful salons in the city. Dandi is also a boutique hotel with beautifully appointed accomdations.

El Motivo Tango
Club Villa Malcolm, Cordoba 5064. 4208-0623 Mondays and Thursdays take a great class with three women who really know their stuff. The class concentrates on a wide range of choreographic phrases that are essential for understanding how to open up the dance with creativity and élan. Stay for the practicas which begin directly after the classes.

Tango Cool Club Villa Malcolm, Cordoba 5064. 4383-7469. Wednesdays and Fridays classes go from 8 to 10 PM with a very good practica afterwards. Gabriel Glagovsky teaches a class that is innovative and fun, with exercises to loosen up both the body and the mind. All levels are welcome.

Mariposita Carlos Calvo 948/950. 4300-3427. This new studio that accompanies a boutique hotel, café, and swimming pool is a gem and an oasis. Owned by teacher and performer, Carolina Bonaventura, the school offers technique classes for all levels in addition to a stretch class that is excellent for preparing and inspiring dancers for the new techniques. Seminars are offered periodically, with focus on technique for women.

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