Language Schools


Another route to volunteering in Argentina is through Spanish language schools. Many schools will partner with several community projects, and provide students with the opportunity to get involved alongside their Spanish courses. In general, this option provides greater flexibility than other volunteer coordinating organizations, as students of the school can often simply help out with an ongoing project. Other placements are more structured, and involve a minimum time commitment, a certain level of Spanish, and a weekly (or monthly) fee, though this is usually discounted for existing students. Some language schools may themselves offer internships, in exchange for free lessons. Below are just a few examples of language schools offering volunteer work; full information can be found on the respective websites.

Íbero Spanish School

Uruguay 150 – Capital Federal
Tel:(5411) 5218-0240

ELE BAires

Av de Mayo 1370 (3˚ floor ) – Capital Federal
Tel:(5411) 4383 7706


Tel:(5411) 4381-5963

Expanish Language School

Downtown BA
Expanish in BA

Spanish In Bariloche

J.J. Paso 140 (1˚ floor) – Bariloche
Tel: (542944) 46-7379

La Montaña

Elfein 251 – Bariloche
Tel:(542944) 52-4212

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