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Lo de Los Montoya in San Telmo – Dine, Dance, and Experience Pure Flamenco

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lo de los montoya san telmo argentinaAlthough Gypsy traditions are commonly seen as reserved and mysterious, Lo de los Montoya, a Flamenco bar in San Telmo, is a welcoming peek at the musical side of gypsy culture. The Flamenco scene in Buenos Aires is packed with notable establishments, but Lo de los Montoya is proudly the only gypsy-owned bar in the city, and everything- from the food to the décor to the musicians themselves- exudes this gypsy heritage. The bar hosts live music and dancers nearly every night and serves up food (ranging from imported Spanish ham to a stew prepared by the owners’ aunt) to accompany the show. I was able to sit down with Alessio Aguirre, one of four proprietors of the restaurant, to discuss the bar, the future, and of course, the flamenco.

The Plaza Serrano Fair – Independent Designers at Fair Prices


Plaza Serrano Street FairAny lover of nightlife will undoubtedly be familiar with Plaza Serrano, but Palermo’s most famous square has a different face before the sun sets- every weekend it hosts an independent design fair. Bars and restraunts in the blocks surrounding the plaza move aside tables and open their doors for designers to showcase their clothing and accessories to the hundreds of trendy porteños who frequent the weekly fair. Prices, styles, and items vary greatly; for instance, you might see a stall selling silk tops made from antique scarves next to neon anime bomber jackets. It is this stylistic variety and bazaar-like atmosphere (there are literally hundreds of vendors) that makes it a hot destination for shopaholics and casual browsers alike.