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Naturata, a Great Vegetarian Restaurant in Mendoza, Argentina. Really.


Naturata Vegetarian Restaurant in MendozaAfter eating only junk food and bus food on the ride to Mendoza, I was craving a healthier lunch option upon our arrival. A book of mine suggested a vegetarian restaurant, however, after being chased down by the owner of our hostel and told not to go there, we changed our plans. Instead, the owner of our hostel recommended Naturata Restaurant Vegetariano, and I must agree that it is a fantastic restaurant.

Hostel Lao in Mendoza, Friendly, Fun, and They Have a Dog!


Hostel Lao's awesome backyard and hammocks.Being away from my family on Christmas was much more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Therefore, I decided to take a trip to Mendoza to distract myself from the fact that it was the holiday season. Considering my love for dogs (pushing on obsession actually), I ended up choosing to stay at Hostel Lao in Mendoza, as I knew there was a dog living there! The place looked nice in the photos as well, don’t worry. Little did I know that not only would I find a fantastic hostel and the most playful dog, but also a social situation that left me feeling anything but alone for the holidays!

White Water Rafting in Mendoza – Not for Your Grandma Adventure Tours

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White-water Rafting in Mendoza, Argentina with Ser_O Adventure Travel.

The water crashed into the boat thoroughly soaking all of us as we descended from the huge rapids. The wind chilled my body even through my wet suit and coat, but this is all part of the white water rafting experience! We had a fantastic time, and my huge smile and look of thrill never faded from my face.

Bar 6 in Buenos Aires, Funky and Fun

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Bar 6 in Buenos Aires, Funky and Fun.Not only did Time Out Buenos Aires recommend Bar 6, but many Argentines will recommend this restaurant as well. After eating dinner there, I fully understand why so many people like it! The ambiance is very fun, different, romantic, and city like. Time Out had mentioned the option of eating dinner while seated on couches. Therefore, when asked whether we wanted a table or couch, I figured we might as well give the couches a try! I was very glad we did. It was a pleasant experience and the food was remarkable.

A Trip to the Buenos Aires Zoo


Buenos Aires Zoo Seal ShowI had heard that the Buenos Aires Zoo is not a good trip to take if you are an animal lover. However, what zoo is a good place to go if you are an animal lover? I was not planning on visiting this attraction, but a friend of mine absolutely recommended it. Even though upsetting, she said it was a cool experience because you can get much closer to many of the animals. Therefore, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I decided to take her recommendation seriously, and I went to the Buenos Aires Zoo.

I bought the “Pasaporte Ahorro” which allowed me to enter all of the exhibits such as the reptile and rain forest area as well as the aquarium. This entrance ticket cost $12.50 pesos and it was well worth it. The only thing we paid extra for was the seal show.