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The Hummingbird Garden in Puerto Iguazu

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Beautiful Hummingbird at the garden in Puerto IguazuIf you see all of the falls in Iguazu and still have a few hours to spare, I would recommend taking a walk to the serene Hummingbird Garden. This garden is in the backyard of the cutest and most kind-hearted Argentine woman. She has spent her time and made a career of beautifying her yard and creating a garden that hummingbirds want to return to day in and day out. The hummingbird garden is very well cared for and extremely beautiful. Upon entering, I did not think I would stay for long. However, after sitting on the bench with her for a few minutes, I found myself as captivated as she was.

An Iguazu Boat Tour Under the Falls!


The Iguazu boat tours from above
We had seen Iguazu Falls from above, from below, and from straight on. Just when you think the falls could not get any better, you realize you can take an Iguazu boat tour and experience the falls from underneath! Considering how hot and incredible Iguazu National Park is, this is an expensive excursion well worth taking. The Iguazu boat tour costs $45 pesos and lasts about 10 minutes! It is a little ironic that anyone would pay that much. If you want a longer excursion, you can take the 4×4 vehicle through the jungle area and then hop on a boat ride that is a little longer but does the same thing.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina: My Paradise


Iguazu Falls national park

Enormous, tropical green leaves, clear rushing water, mist sprinkling over your face and altogether one of the most picturesque nature scenes you will ever see in your life. This peaceful and beautiful place called Iguazu Falls is one of the most exquisite natural wonders of the world. Therefore, it must be on your list of places to see in South America. In addition, I felt so much more at peace in Iguazu National Park than I have during my entire stay in Argentina. The town, the people, the waterfalls, the nature and the vibe I received from everywhere and everyone were wonderful and refreshing. Even though Iguazu Fallss is a hot spot for tourists, it is still very easy to feel one with nature.

Timbó Posada Hostel in Puerto Iguazu


The awesome patio at Timbo Posada in Puerto Iguazu I have stayed in great hostels, horrible hostels and decent enough hostels. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Timbó Posada hostel in Puerto Iguazu. Upon arriving at the bus station, a woman told me it was not a nice place to stay. However, I have to disagree with her, as I thought it was one of the most delightful hostels I have ever stayed in. It reminded me of a little tropical bungalow. Our hostel room was nice, simply decorated and the bed was surprisingly comfortable. We did not have an air conditioner, but some rooms do offer it. I would recommend trying to reserve the air-conditioned rooms, as Iguazu is very hot and humid. However, the hostel rooms do have fans, which is a necessity because the wind keeps the bugs away!

Spending a Weekend in Mar Del Plata


Mar Del Plata Beach Bar Just mentioning the words “Mar del Plata” will make any Argentine’s face green with envy. Mar del Plata is a picturesque city on the coast of Argentina, as well as a hot vacation spot for Argentines. A few friends and I decided to take a quick weekend trip there, and as expected, we had an amazing time. The city, the cottage-like homes, the beach, the restaurants and of course…the clubs are all divine.