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Ditch the Tour Guide, Download a Walking Tour to Buenos Aires


mp3tourslogoExploring one of the world’s most exciting cities, Buenos Aires, has never been this fun. Here’s a little secret to the best city tour ever: ditch the tour guide and the herd mentality. Instead, pull out your ipod or mp3 player and download a mp3 walking tour and digital map from MPTours. It’s the best bet for a cinematic, engaging and insider’s guide to Buenos Aires’ most fascinating neighborhoods.

0800-VINO Delivers Argentina’s Premium Wines with Class


Tastes of 0800 VinoThere is nothing I love more than a delivery service, especially one that makes life easier for me. I was just wondering what kind of wine I’d like to showcase at our next Argentina’s Travel Guide bash when the answer came to me in the form of an 800 number. I’m thrilled to share with you my find: a new Buenos Aires-based premium wine delivery business called 0800-VINO. These guys bring a new, luxury dynamic to the concept of “delivery.”

“Where Are You From?” Video Pokes Fun at Argentines, Gringos and Italians

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When traveling in Argentina you will often here the phrase, “De donde sos?” which is “where are you from?” in Argentina’s particular form of Spanish. Get used to hearing this phrase and get used to answering it! This video, in song, pokes fun at Argentines, gringos, Italians’ roots and cultural quirks.

Bewitched by Argentina’s Own Napa Valley


Wine tasting at the Vines of Mendoza tasting room.

The province of Mendoza bewitches her visitors in a number of ways. Some find peace in her tranquil beauty. Others are lured by the rafting, biking, and outdoor life. And many more fall in love with Mendoza’s sun-drenched wine country, and then start daydreaming how they could stay.

That’s exactly what longtime friends Dave Garrett and Michael Evans did when they traveled to Mendoza together in 2005. The result, luckily for us, is the Vines of Mendoza. A wine-centric business, it gave them an excellent reason to…

Slow Dance Fans Mob Buenos Aires Planetarium

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Slow Dance Jam

It could be sweet …

On a dusky, late summer evening, a crowd of close to a thousand people mobbed the lawn in front of the Palermo Planetarium to practice one of romance’s finest inventions—the slow dance. With a half moon floating appropriately over the Planetarium, the crowd of teens, 20 and 30-somethings and older couples gathered in the early twilight, awaiting the Que Vuelvan los Lentos, or the return of the slow dances, as the event was named.