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Villa Gesell Combines Chalets and ATVs

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cimg1967.jpgVilla Gesell is the most unusual beach I’ve experienced. A destination for Argen-teens, Villa Gessel might be the one beach in the world where ATVs and litter share a pine-lined shore with mountain chalets.

Mar Del Plata: Argentina’s Miami


Mar Del Plata: Argentina’s Miami in 1926Mar Del Plata is Argentina’s biggest beach and the seventh biggest city in the country. Mar Del Plata, aka Mardel, is famous for its casino, its nightlife, and an industrial port full of sea lions. Home to Argentina’s annual film festival, the city recently renovated its impressive, classic casino – the Hotel Provencial- but retains the traditional sea lion stench of its port

Zizek Brings Hip Hop and Cumbia Mashups to Niceto in Palermo Hollywood

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zizek.jpgMore than a weekly party and underground hip hop hub, Zizek is a movement in Buenos Aires. Zizek is the Wednesday night party thrown by What’s Up Buenos Aires and DJ Villa Diamante at Niceto, now in its second year. It gets going around midnight and it’s where Buenos Aires’ cumbia, dub, reggaeton, and hip hop crowd goes out to be seen.

Zizek, the party, was named after a philosopher, Slavoj Zizek – apparently because he’s a well-known Slovenian academic who married an Argentine model (?). It’s a weekly that includes live cumbia and South American rap acts along with resident deejays and their guests. Villa Diamante is a resident, Zurita makes appearances as does El Remolon, Daleduro, Oro11, and Marcelo Fabian. These are the members of Buenos Aires’ default rat pack of hip hop/ cumbia/ reggaeton – call it what you will they bring the street to the club.

Quiet Beach Town Quequen Boasts Surf and Reggae Beats


cimg1976.jpgQuequen is home to dreadlocks, para-gliders, and Quilmes drinking Moondoggies; for reality surf and turf, Quequen is your Argentine summer destination. Located along the Atlantic coast, Quequen is a quiet beach town with a bullet – surf school. Wide beaches and consistent wind combines for an ideal place to study surfing. Leave your pocket protector and glasses at home, Marvin, this class requires no textbook and assigns no homework – you hardly even have to know how to swim since shallow waters extend out to the deep-breaking waves.

Located in a Posh Recoleta Mansion, Milion Mixes Cocktails with Old World Style

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Milion, photo by Will BonnerThe popular old mansion and garden in Recoleta with the fancy drinks invites you to feel wealthy for a few US dollars. Its prices are extravagant for Buenos Aires, but its drinks are only out-lovely’d by its ambiance; where 19th Century mansion setting meets Millenium Argentine Polo/party crowd. From its decor to its minty martinis, Milion is a luscious pleasure.