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Monica Due – the Best Homemade Italian Gourmet Pasta is in the Heart of the Andes


Paola and Mario, owners of Monica Due in San Martin de los AndesThe Patagonian Andes have become universal symbols of exotic beauty and of adventure. San Martin de los Andes, an idyllic enclave set at the foothills of the Chapelco Ski Resort and on the northern shore of Lake Lacar, has blossomed as one of its foremost exponents. Who could have told me that beyond the unmatched attractiveness of its mountains, woods, rivers and lakes, that offer so many alternatives for outdoors sports and nature contact, you can also find great indoor gourmet dining?

La Bomba del Tiempo at Ciudad Cultural Konex

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p>Ciudad Cultural KonexI am still a block away from my destination when the balls of my feet and my belly start to vibrate, but the neighborhood offers no other suggestion as to the nearby hippiefest. Finally, I see a small crowd of dreadlocked, smiling people in brightly woven hats and sweaters, offering delectable whole wheat pan relleno, several smokers, a pretentious student or two, and a man with a small baby strapped across his chest and a gourd in each hand. It is Monday evening in Buenos Aires, and I have arrived at Ciudad Cultural Konex, which hosts a weekly percussion extravaganza called La Bomba de Tiempo.

Argentine Soccer – Watching El Superclasico with La Barra Brava

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La barra (cheering section) of Boca JuniorsApril 15th was one of the days that everything stops in Argentina. Yes, it was a Sunday, maybe that had something to do with it, but I doubt it. That particular Sunday was the Boca – River soccer game, el “Superclasico.” I was fortunate enough to get into the stadium through a series of extraordinary and somewhat unexpected events.

La Plata, Argentina is Worth a Second Visit


Plaza Moreno in La Plata.La Plata, located only 60km south of the capital Buenos Aires, has more to it than meets the eye. My first trip to this apparently sleepy town was uninspiring, and I decided to leave before lunchtime. The next time I visited was on a hot summer afternoon and a friend showed me around the city. When the time came to catch the bus back to Buenos Aires, I didn’t want to leave.

Jumbo Supermarket in Palermo – Buenos Aires’ Answer to Walmart


Jumbo supermarket in Buenos AiresStanding next to the largest mosque in South America is an equally enormous “big box store.” The Jumbo and Easy, both Chilean imports, are the South American answer to Target and Wal-Mart. For those expatriates who yearn for fluorescent lighting, crowded aisles and everything you could ever need under one roof – Jumbo is calling your name.