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Pony up: Polo for Beginners in Buenos Aires

Polo class

Inger at her beginner polo class.

Living in the capital, it is sometimes easy to forget that Argentina is not only about the Buenos Aires night life, tango, Malbec, great meat and empanadas. Yes, you will say, I know it is about estancias, nature and gauchos too.

But did you know that it is also has over a hundred years of polo tradition? That it is home to the world’s best polo players? That you can learn to play polo even if you never have ridden a horse before?

Get Connected in Argentina

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The BA ExpatsBuenos Aires is a large city, and despite the fact that it may seem deceptively European at first glance, many things are different here and it will take time and effort to feel your way around. In my first week in the capital I had many pressing problems and questions that needed answering. Unfortunately, I had no one to ask where to buy baby food, find shoes that fit my big feet-size 41 or 8-or where I should send my eldest boy to kindergarten. I ended up accosting unsuspecting mothers in playgrounds, asking (nicely if with a shade of panic) to know where they sent their children to school.

Where the Wild Things are in Argentina: Off the Beaten Track


Kissing LionsHaving lived in Buenos Aires for two years I was beginning to think I had seen it all and a feeling of boredom with tango shows, steak houses, estancias and picturesque villages was beginning to set in. I wanted to get off the beaten track and go somewhere different. Somewhere that had not yet been recommended by international guidebooks. Somewhere authentically Argentine without the ubiquitous tourist traps. I started to wonder where ordinary porteños would go for a day trip. One day a taxi driver recommended Lujan. I looked it up on Google and was reassured to find that very little had been written about this place. At last, somewhere new to be explored!

How to Find a Good Taxi in Buenos Aires

taxi Buenos Aires Argentina

Thanks for this picture to aana luiza

Getting a taxi Buenos Aires is easy, you just hold up your hand and a taxi stops.

The real challenge of course is to find a taxi that is half way decent. If you have ever been in a rogue cab, with cracks in the window, a smoking driver talking a mile a minute about his wife’s sexual preferences, who then proceeds to take you a long way around and doesn’t give you back enough change (and the change you get turns out to be a fake note)….then you know what I mean.

I must have taken over a thousand taxis’ here by now, and I think I have finally cracked the system.