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SKI: The Early Bird Gets the Fresh Powder

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The wind, which kept us awake for most of the night, is shaking the windows so badly that we expect they will explode inwards at any moment. The rain, which has been falling steadily, would no doubt follow. But at 8:30 am, we rush out the door and run to catch the municipal bus to Cerro Cathedral, some 20km west of the city. It’s normally a full bus in the mornings, with throngs of Brazilians, Argentines and Americans making the daily trip to ski, but on this morning the weather has most people staying in bed. Thankfully, they are not blessed with insider knowledge that says if it’s raining and less than 5 degrees in the city, it’s snowing hard on the mountain.

With $100, Enjoy the Best of Mendoza

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winetastingTravel in Argentina is absolutely wonderful if for no other reason than a favorable 3 to 1 exchange rate on the US dollar. While traveling style varies widely from budget traveler to affluent wine tourists, a common interest among all travelers is a desire to find good return on a dollar spent. So, without further ado, here are the five best ways to spend $100 on any given Saturday in Mendoza.

A Day on the Moon in San Juan’s Valle De la Luna

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It\'s Like Walking on the MoonThe adventure: rent a car and visit the famous Valle De La Luna (Moon Valley) inside Parque Nacional Ischigualasto, San Juan. We found a good deal at Classic Car Rentals, in San Juan, and secured a nice four door Chevrolet Corsa, and a contract that stated unlimited kilometers.