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A Biking Tour of the Mendoza Wine Country


Mendoza Vineyards Wine Tour, courtesy of World66 Throughout the world, the thought of wine country instigates images of rolling, symmetrically etched, and vine-covered hills. Argentine wine country, however, is actually situated on elevated desert planes of Mendoza province. While this wine region is not its preconceived notion, it is still a beautiful landscape that produces world-class wine. For the amount of foreign investment into the vineyards of Maipu, the town is surprisingly untouched outside of the bodegas.

Getting Around Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires Subte Map Buenos Aires public transportation is easily accessible and economical. The Subte is the Argentine name for the subway system. It runs as well as, if not better than, most metropolitan trains in the United States. Each Subte ride is seventy centavos. There are 5 lines, each designated by both color and letter. However, they are usually referred to by their letter and not their color.

Federación Gaucha, Folkloric Dance and Food in Buenos Aires

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Empanadas - Federacion Gaucha When looking for intimate authenticity in Buenos Aires, without straying from city or comfort, Federación Gaucha, on Sunday afternoons is exactly the experience needed. Amidst the weekly fair in the Mataderos neighborhood find an entrance at 6574 Avenida de Los Corrales.

A chalk board on the sidewalk labels the doorway and mentions food, but when you peek down the green illuminated corridor you are not sure what to expect. The green translucent corrugated roofing paints the first ten paces with an awkward hue. The color spills into the main room where the walkway from the street becomes a restaurant.

The Parilla, a Delicious Staple of the Argentine Table


Argetine Parilla - delicious grilled meats and sides Parilla is every day Argentine food served on virtually every city block of Buenos Aires. The cuisine is simple and naturally flavorful, cooked over a large charcoal or wood fired grill. Almost every interior part of a cow is available on the menu, from liver, kidney and intestine, to the usual tenderloin and strip steak. Temperature is never asked, and the beef is always perfectly tender, with juices marinating each bite. There are other meats and sausages on the menu as well as the option of indulging in a salad bar. It is a no-frills dining experience. Fresh, hand cut, grilled steak on a plate or stainless steal platter, along with what ever you want from the rows of vegetables. It is simple and delicious.

The Night Bus from BA to Mendoza


A Mendoza Vineyard with the Andes as a backdrop Embarking on a thirteen hour bus ride from Buenos Aires to Mendoza is an exciting inauguration to my Mendoza trip. It’s an overnight ride, starting at nine o’clock in the evening, on a two story bus. I have not experienced the second level of a bus before, so that is where I chose to sit. There are not many differences; there is more swaying, and you can see over any vehicle on the road, besides other two story buses. The tourist class, the least expensive, is similar to first class in some airplanes.