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Iglesia San Nicolas De Bari

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Iglesia San Nicolas de Bari Lights and organ simultaneously blaze into existence. The music was warm. It drifted throughout the church like smoke, elegantly twirling around statues, past glowing stained glass, and into the elaborate dome overhead.

It was a seven o’clock Friday evening mass at Inglesia San Nicolas De Bari, in Buenos Aires. The people trickled in casually. The room was divided into three large isles by two rows of eighteen pews. They were each stained dark, with golden, fist-sized cherub heads greeting at both entrances. The people standing along the back wall were primarily younger and most had given their seats to those in need.

Recoleta, Buenos Aires – a First Impression

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A Recoletta, Buenos Aires doorman Upon entering Recoleta, the posh section of Buenos Aires I expected to be awestruck by clean sidewalks, boutique shops, brilliant architecture and authenticity. I was disappointed. In my opinion, Recoleta was average. What I discovered was a quiet Wednesday evening.