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Tango: Feeling the Metaphor


Tango: Feeling the MetaphorIt is already five years, and here I am, still living in Buenos Aires, inside the next incarnation of my very long career in dance. I was a budding ballerina at three, blossoming into the real thing and then moving into Jazz, a more accurate expression of my nature at the time. My career took me through a prolific life on stage and then into teaching and choreographing, with my base in New York and work all around the world.

I moved to Miami and one day was called to choreograph for a television series being produced in L.A. Could I create a tango? With my usual bravura, I said of course, found a maestro, and tried to absorb what I could in three days. Fortunately it was a comedy scene where the few steps I learned could translate into something that worked! After the shoot, I needed to apologize to the art form. And so, in ecstatic penance, I began learning the dance for real.

Colmegna Spa – An Oasis in the Bustle of Downtown Buenos Aires


Colmegna Spa Buenos AiresOn a busy street in the center of Buenos Aires there exists an anomaly. It is a haven, a respite from the congested sidewalks and noisy streets. Here you will find Colmegna Spa, catering to men and women who want to take a break from the daily grind.