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New Year’s Resolutions add up to Master’s Degree at University of Buenos Aires


Thanks to .Mahadeva for this photo of UBA.

Few people remember their New Year’s resolutions past January 1, which is why I did not bother to make any this year. Nonetheless, I was set on making at least one significant change in my life–continue my education. I wanted to study translation ever since freshman year in high school when my guidance counselor gave me a list of careers and told me I needed to choose one. I looked at the sheet like a deer in headlights but somehow, as soon as I saw it, the answer was clear to me.

Lunfardo, a Survivors Guide to Slang in Buenos Aires


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Language is something that helps define a country’s cultural identity. Words can reflect the beliefs, values and attitudes people have. Argentines shine in this category. There is no other country in the Spanish-speaking world with the colloquialisms found in Argentina. For anyone globetrotting, learning certain aspects of a language will only enrich your experience. Here lies the difference between a tourist and a traveler.

Beat the Buenos Aires Rainy Day Blues

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Buenos Aires Rainy Day

With more rainy days forecasted for this week, looking for things to do requires extra creativity and research. It is still summer and I am a firm believer that the warm weather should be enjoyed to its fullest, rain or shine. There is no reason to mope around at home and turn into a couch potato or a video game junkie. Here is a contingency plan that will help you beat the rainy day blues.

Free Outdoor Cultural Events in Buenos Aires Makes Summertime Sweet

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Murga Belgrano Corso

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Buenos Aires in the summer is one-of-a-kind. The empty streets breathe tranquility with a good part of the population on vacation at the beach. You can walk comfortably through the city fairs. Sidewalk cafes turn into people watching spots or even tanning salons. Ice cream is that much sweeter during the excessively hot weather. February sales and markdowns are at an all time low in some of our favorite stores and boutiques. Parks turn into the most popular daytime hangouts (which these days is well past 9 pm).

BA’s summer cultural agenda also makes this season stand out on its own. The government of Buenos Aires prepares free outdoor cultural events and entertainments throughout the city during these months. Here is the what, when and where of free dance and theater taking place in BA this weekend.

Spotlight on Belgrano, Buenos Aires – An Insider’s Favorite Hangouts


Belgrano Neighborhood Buenos Aires ArgentinaThe barrio of Belgrano has been around since 1885 and, during that time, it went from being a town, a temporary capital and a city, to a unique neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is divided into five non-official sections: Belgrano C, Belgrano R, Belgrano Bajo, Chinatown and Barrio River. It also has the second most transited cross streets in BA: Cabildo and Juramento. However, what makes Belgrano distinctive is its beauty and tranquility. The best places in Belgrano are the ones you never hear about; these are just a few.