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Sarkis’ Mediterranean Food Shines… Beneath Random Cheesiness

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Sarkis Mediterranean Restaurant and, oh, the cheesiness.I think the planets were aligned because an otherwise awesome Mediterranean dinner was slightly tarnished by the repeated (in all seriousness, five times!) playing of a cheesy happy birthday anthem at Sarkis Restaurant on Thames Monday night. With the aid of this song the simple and authentic ambiance crumbled, leaving the hidden catacombs of undesirable cheesiness.

Six Reasons You Should Visit Argentina, Now.

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6. The People in Argentina are GORGEOUS
El Alamo Bikini OpenHave you heard of Yamila Diaz, Valeria Mazza, and Luján Fernández? Well, I know I haven’t, but that did not stop my jaw from constantly hitting the sidewalk when I was just trying to mind my own business on the streets in Buenos Aires. Along with chiseled bone structure, slender body types, and some of the most manicured men and women I’ve shared public space with, the euro-inspired Argenitine culture is one of eye popping fashion. This should speak volumes: they rock the mullet and it works.

Get Mexican Food in Buenos Aires! The California Burrito Company (CBC)

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California Burrito Company in Buenos AiresLocated on the second most touristy street in Capital Federal – trumped only by Calle Florida – the California Burrito Company (or CBC) gives the pedestrian nightmare referred to as Lavalle a breath of fiery Mexican air. Make that fresh Mexican air, since it is the closest you will come to Mexican food in Buenos Aires.

Iguazu Falls by Moonlight, You Can’t Miss This

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Iguazu falls tour by moonlightIguazu Falls, straddling the Brazilian and Argentine borders to the north, are an awe-inspiring sight. 270 individual cascades, from serpentine streams to the mammoth Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) loosely form an arc of plummeting water as the Rio Iguazu drops into the gorge. While the trip to the park was spectacular, including a boat ride that takes you directly into dump zone of a medium sized cascade, our full moon visit to The Devil’s Throat was even more impressive.

Into the Fury – Take a Boat Tour Under Iguazu Falls

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An ominous sign of what was to come in our Iguazu boat tour

Do you like to come back from your vacations with bragging rights? Then take this 15 USD tour and you will get more out of your Iguazu Falls experience than the average tourist. The Iguazu Falls are tucked away in the forest at the tri-border between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. When it comes to touring the falls, people’s loyalties lie in one of two camps – those who prefer the Brazilian side and those who prefer the Argentine side of the National Park. (Everyone agrees you experience nothing fall-related in Paraguay).

While the view of the Devil’s Throat at Iguazu may be more spectacular from the Brazilian platform reached by elevator, the Argentine side offers extensive foot bridges that pass under and above the lips of some of the giant drops. However, for 15 USD you can take an Iguazu boat ride that will allow you to thumb your nose at the visitors in both countries, as you motor right into the fury of the monstruous falls.