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How to Buy Bus Tickets at the Retiro Bus Station in Buenos Aires


Retiro Bus StationWhether they are heading north to Jujuy or Iguazu, south to el El Calafate or Bariloche, or west to Mendoza and beyond to Chile, thousands of travelers depart from the Retiro Omnibus Station every day. Here is a quick tutorial on purchasing tickets to your destination.

Argentina’s Café Culture


A Buenos Aires CafeOne of the aspects of Argentine culture that makes it warm, welcoming, and unique is the integral role of the Argentine café. This European cultural import alone might be why Buenos Aires is sometimes called the Paris of South America. On almost every street corner in Buenos Aires (and other major Argentine cities) you will see at least one café, and in many cases three or four. And no, we’re not talking Starbucks here.

Olsen in Palermo – Scandinavian Cuisine and Fabulous Brunch in Buenos Aires


Olsen in Palermo, Buenos AiresHidden behind an 8-ft high wooden fence on the quiet street of Nicaragua in Palermo Hollywood, sits Olsen, a wonderful restaurant serving Scandinavian cuisine in a tranquil environment. Whether you are seated at one of the reclining chairs in Olsen’s mini-garden out front, or at a round table for eight in the open-air dining room, your experience will no doubt be relaxing and enjoyable. Oh yeah, and the food is great too!

Where You Can Go to Play Soccer in Buenos Aires


Play soccer in Buenos Aires!Past the train tracks at the end of Ortiz de Ocampo there is a group of five soccer fields called the Canchas de Ocampo. And though the soccer pitch there is made out of some mix of astro-turf and sandpaper, I can faithfully report that the quality of the soccer played does not suffer. On any given night, you can find Argentine men (and sometimes women) hustling up and down the fields in games of 5-on-5 on the small fields, or full 11 vs. 11 scrimmages on one of the two larger fields.

Green Bamboo Restaurant has the Best Asian Food in Buenos Aires


Green Bamboo Restaurant in Buenos AiresIn Palermo Hollywood, on the corner of Costa Rica and Carranza, lies arguably the best Asian eatery in Buenos Aires. Billed as a Vietnamese/Asian-Fusion restaurant, Green Bamboo provides an intimate setting for an amazing meal.