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La Menesunda: Travel Off the Beaten Track to a Premier Buenos Aires Hostel


If you are looking for a friendly, cozy place to stay that is away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist barrios of Recoletta and Palermo, La Menesunda is the place for you!

Facturas: A Traveler’s Guide to Argentine Pastries


Factura is not only the Spanish word for “bill” it is also the generic name given to a delicious collection of Argentinean sweet pastries.

La Puerta Roja Serves up the Chilli Bomb- It Will Kill You All

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An invention of La Puerta Roja this lethal concotion consists of a shot of vodka that has been mixed with chopped chillis and Speed, an energy drink. A full shot glass is plunged into a large glass of Speed and then expected to be downed in one foul swig.

Sublime Submarinos


argentina-travel-002 Winter frost got you down? Cozy up with a submarino at Las Violetas!

What the Fernet??

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picture-1 If you’ve been out to a club, a bar, or an asado in Argentina, there was probably something brown, suspicious and bitter in everyone else’s cup. It’s called “Fernet” and you just might like it.