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Why the Porteños Look So Good


mugi35_18_02_aerobic.jpgBuenos Aires is a city brimming with confidence. I never had the pleasure of experiencing the ‘Paris of South America’ before the economic crash, but even as a city now in the midst of recovery, there is still a pervading air of confidence in the local population. The beautiful locals strut about like there is not a care in the world and despite economic hardship, the younger generation still parties like there is no tomorrow. So, as a foreign visitor to Buenos Aires, I often ask myself, “where does this confidence come from??”

Buenos Aires for Hedonists and VIPs


crobar-buenos-aires.thumbnail.jpgWhile staying in Buenos Aires recently, Tim Kernutt experienced VIP status in the city’s top nightclubs, for no other reason than being Australian. Here, he reveals the lifestyles of the city’s young hedonists…

Renting Short-Term Accommodations in Buenos Aires – A Step-by-Step Guide To Unorthodox, Argentine-Style Negotiations

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Palermo Viejo where I rented my apartment.Anyone knows that dealing with real-estate agents for rentals can be a headache, and even more so when attempting to short-term rent an apartment in a foreign city. Most intelligent, well-organized people will settle their accommodations well in advance of arriving in a foreign city. However, since I am neither intelligent nor well-organized, I left the task of finding an apartment in Buenos Aires until I had already landed in the beautiful city. The upside of this is that you get to research good spots to live before settling into an area. The downside is that you are in limbo land for a few days, which is not something that time-sensitive travellers are willing to risk.

Buenos Aires – A City of the Night


Crobar in Buenos AiresTim Kernutt recently discovered that there is a reason that Buenos Aires is renowned as one of the prime partying destinations in the world, much to the shock of his body clock. If you ask any well-traveled young person in the world what their favourite city in the world is to party until dawn, Buenos Aires more often than not rates a mention. And, as I discovered, more impressive than the clubs and bars of Buenos Aires is the staying power of the local Porteños.