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Vanessa Latimer

La persona que está viva, realmente viva, vital, siempre se aventurará a lo desconocido. Allí encontrará peligros, pero se arriesgará. El corazón siempre está dispuesto a arriesgarse, el corazón la gusta apostar. -OSHO

Author Vanessa LatimerHola amigos. I was born in raised in the state that most know for one main reason – potatoes. Yes, I am from Idaho. No, I do not grow potatoes – although I do love to eat them. Maybe I was feeling a little overcrowded in the raving state of Idaho when I decided to go to college at the University of Wyoming. (Go Pokes!) I played volleyball for the University and grew to love the school, the state, and the friendly, down to earth nature of the people. I graduated with a double major in Spanish and Business Management, and a minor in International Relations. Read more »

Peter Schuller

It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going. What lies ahead I have no way of knowing. -Tom Petty

Author Peter SchullerI was 22 and a half years old and bored. The tough life had gotten to me. Nine months of working for a major beer company selling cerveza in Boston was just too tough. What should I do? Move 5,000 miles south obviously!I grew up just outside of Boston, MA, and decided that I enjoyed the subzero temperatures of the winter a little too much. Read more »

Isabelle Lagarde

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. –Henry Miller

Author Isabelle Lagarde Isabelle has been globetrotting since she was born. She has traveled to 25 countries and lived in France, Italy, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, and now Argentina. She is a true wanderlust at heart, feeling a constant desire to explore the world and all it has to offer. She has recently made Buenos Aires her new home and so far loves almost everything about it. From the parks of Palermo, to the tango of San Telmo, and the all night clubs of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires is the ideal South American city, and a great base for exploring the continent. Read more »

Oliver Hartman

I’m from Maine and sometimes grow a moustache. -Oliver Hartman

Author Oliver Hartman Born of a woman, I grew up in the state of Maine; Vacationland to some, homeland to me. I attended Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts where I successfully avoided being mugged or beat up. Upon completion of my undergraduate work I moved to Boston and got a job as a waiter in an effort to enrage my parents, allowing my Psychology and Biology degrees to collect dust. My travels in Central and South America began with a month in Granada, Nicaragua where I rediscovered my ineptitude for foreign languages and saw Daniel Ortega reinstated as president. Read more »

Danielle Del Balso

Live everyday to the fullest…you never know when it is your last. So stop waiting…

Author Danielle del BalsoThis is the motto I try to live my life by. After spending a semester living and studying at a university in Madrid, Spain, I knew I would continue traveling upon finishing school. I had my mind set upon being a lawyer for the longest time…until I realized I would never find happiness with this career. The times I have felt the most at peace were when I was traveling, learning other languages, experiencing other cultures and truly living life. Therefore, that is exactly what I am doing in South America. Read more »

Cesar Gonzalez

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. -St. Augustine

Code Monkey Cesar Gonzalez Cesar is the Layout-and-Code- Monkey-in-Residence for Argentina’s Travel Blog. He will occasionally sneak in a post, but for the most part stays behind the scenes and lives vicariously through reading (and editing, and laying out, and uploading) the wonderful adventures of our other writers. Not that he’s alien to adventure and travel. Cesar was born in Peru and proceeded to live the next 18 years of his live in a few different places including the Amazon jungle of Peru, Patagonia, Colombia, Northern Africa, Texas, the UK, France, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Read more »

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