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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
—St. Augustine

Code Monkey Cesar Gonzalez Cesar is the Layout-and-Code- Monkey-in-Residence for Argentina’s Travel Blog. He will occasionally sneak in a post, but for the most part stays behind the scenes and lives vicariously through reading (and editing, and laying out, and uploading) the wonderful adventures of our other writers.

Not that he’s alien to adventure and travel. Cesar was born in Peru and proceeded to live the next 18 years of his life in a few different places including the Amazon jungle of Peru, Patagonia, Colombia, Northern Africa, Texas, the UK, France, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Meanwhile, he also managed to take many an exciting side-trip which have left him with a head-full of memories, a hard disk full of pictures, and a healthy love for enjoying life.

Cesar in San Martin Of all the places he has lived, Cesar spent the most time in Argentina and in Southern California. His earliest memories are of playing in the Patagonia, and he later graduated from high school in Buenos Aires, so Argentina holds a special place in his heart.

After four years of Tech-Monkey school in Pasadena and a few more of decompression in Hawaii, Cesar has decided to put his skillz to good use. You can now find him in Culver City, CA (or Buenos Aires) behind a monitor (or two), planning his next internet venture and plotting his Next Big Trip. And hey, if this piece left you thirsting for more, check out Cesar Gonzalez’ awesome blog.

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