Peter Schuller


“It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going. What lies ahead I have no way of knowing.” -Tom Petty

Author Peter SchullerI was 22 and a half years old and bored. The tough life had gotten to me. Nine months of working for a major beer company selling cerveza in Boston was just too tough. What should I do? Move 5,000 miles south obviously!I grew up just outside of Boston, MA, and decided that I enjoyed the subzero temperatures of the winter a little too much.

Naturally the next step was to enroll at Syracuse University. In addition to spending the next four years being cold and becoming an increasingly bitter person due to the six-days-a-week of grey sky (ok, I lied, I’m a happy person, but it wasn’t helping the picture I am trying to paint here), I also went ahead and got my BS (no pun intended) in marketing from the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, Syracuse’s attempt at labeling their business school with some old dead guy’s name to sound prestigious… sort of an unsuccessful grasp at creating our own little Wharton. For the record, I’ve never been a writer before; thus the incredibly long run-on sentence you just read as well as the fact that I probably just misused a semicolon.

Peter Schuller on a beach somewhere.

But I digress. In addition to sarcasm, I have multiple other character traits. Unfortunately, they are just not as interesting. In all seriousness though, I love to travel; in my life I have been to (off the top of my head) Italy, Spain, Israel, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Argentina (obviously), Chile, Uruguay, Iceland, and Germany (ok just the airport for the last two, but I think I got the passport stamps). Maybe it’s not the long laundry list of countries that I was hoping for, but I am proud of it. I am a sports-a-holic, and my first love will always be baseball (but don’t tell my girlfriend). And let’s just say I didn’t get the beer gig for just being a good salesman… and leave it at that.

Peter Schuller on a glacier somewhere.

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