Vanessa Latimer


“La persona que está viva, realmente viva, vital, siempre se aventurará a lo desconocido. Allí encontrará peligros, pero se arriesgará. El corazón siempre está dispuesto a arriesgarse, el corazón la gusta apostar.” -OSHO

Author Vanessa LatimerHola amigos. I was born in raised in the state that most know for one main reason – potatoes. Yes, I am from Idaho. No, I do not grow potatoes – although I do love to eat them. Maybe I was feeling a little overcrowded in the raving state of Idaho when I decided to go to college at the University of Wyoming. (Go Pokes!) I played volleyball for the University and grew to love the school, the state, and the friendly, down to earth nature of the people. I graduated with a double major in Spanish and Business Management, and a minor in International Relations.

After graduating I started to get that adventurous twitch and knew it was time to plan a trip. There are many reasons that influenced me to choose Argentina as my destination. I speak Spanish from my studies and a bit of traveling I have done in the past and I love using the language. I grew up in the mountains – hiking, camping, fishing, etc… and like most outdoor enthusiasts, Patagonia was a dream world of adventures. I have also always loved experiencing new cultures and from what I had heard from others, Argentina was a country rich in culture, traditions, and great people.

Vanessa in Chile

I couldn’t have made a better decision. I spent three months traveling the country by bus and the occasional rental car. I arrived in Argentina alone; however, I found that I was rarely ever really alone. Meeting people was a huge part of my trip and made for many great memories. Many of the adventures I experienced you can read about from my entries. But these articles are like the cliff notes to some of the most amazing things I have done in my life and to truly understand you just need to go and do it yourself.

After three months of playing I decided I hadn’t had enough of Argentina and found myself a job and a place to live. I now reside in the tourist hotspot of Puerto Madryn. I work for a language institute/exchange school that teaches English to the locals, Spanish to the foreigners, and sets up all kinds of fun activities for everyone. Like I said, I love Argentina. I think you all will as well.

Enjoy your travels and make the most of every moment you have!

By a lake.

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