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If you don’t feel like venturing out for a full parrilla restaurant experience, Buenos Aires offers hundreds of locales to purchase your own cuts of meat and grill an asado on your own. Avicar is a local Argentine chain that offers all the cuts of meat you could want, with locations around the city. To help with the cooking, we’ve compiled a basic list of publications and classes.

Asado Classes

Gato Dumas
For Spanish speakers, this culinary school offers month-long classes on cooking red meat. Visit for more details.

Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía
For those that speak Spanish, the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy offers weeklong classes for foreigners. Visit for more details.

This school offers short-term English-language cooking classes. Visit for more information.

Books on Asado

How to Prepare Asado Argentino
By Miguel Duhalde, Walter Saleme, and Karina Aza
An English-language book with illustrations, it describes how to select cuts of meat and prepare them.

Manual del Asador Argentino
manual del asador argentino Raul MiradBy Raúl Mirad
This recently written and very comprehensive guide (in Spanish) is geared towards those that are foreigners or others unfamiliar with traditional parrilla culture and recipes.

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