Cow-part Glossary


A punto– Medium-cooked meat
Achuras – sweetbreads
Asado – A meal consisting of meats cooked on the grill/ Grilled
Bife de Chorizo – A cut of boneless beef located in the loin region
Cerdo – pork
Chimichurri – A sauce to accompany meat; it consists of garlic, parsley, black and white pepper, ground chili peppers, oregano, olive oil, and vinegar.
Chinchulines – small intestines
Chorizo – A type of sausage; typically it consists of a mixture of beef and pork
Chotos – braided larger part of the small intestine
Chuparse los dedos – literally, “to suck your fingers”; it means that the asado is very good
Cocida – medium-well done meat
Colita de cuadril – Rump
Corazon – heart
Cordero – lamb
Criadillas – testicles
Higado – liver
Jugosa – medium-rare meat
Lechón – suckling pig
Lomo – beef tenderloin
Matambre – An Argentine specialty that consists of lean beef or chicken that is rolled and stuff with a variety of ingredients; commonly egg, carrots, and spices
– sweetbread
Mondongo – tripe
Morcillas – black pudding
Muy cocida – well-done meat
Muy Jugosa – rare-cooked meat
Parrilla – A grill; the meal that consists of meats cooked on a grill
Pollo – chicken
Provoletta – A type of semi-hard cheese (a provolone derivative), that is slightly spicy. It is heated on the grill and served as an appetizer
Riñones – kidneys
Salsa Criolla – A sauce that consists of skinless tomato, peppers, onion, oil, vinegar, and salt
Seso – brain
Tira de asado – grilled ribs
Tripa – stomach
Ubres – udder
Vacio – hindquarters

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