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Best Luxury Hotels in Buenos Aires


If you’re looking for top-of-the-scale luxury in Buenos Aires, check yourself into one of these swanky hotels. You won’t be disappointed. Jardin Escondido Not only is director Francis Ford Coppola the brains behind some epic…

Argentina’s Top Luxury Hotels… Outside of Buenos Aires!

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With a reputation for high end travel and being one of the most modern countries in Latin America, it’s no surprise that Argentina should also be leading in luxury hotels. However, the high end lodgings…

The Ins and Outs of Camping in Argentina


Frost in Tierra del Fuego, Photo by Meike SchuringCamping is the best way to explore the natural wonderland that is Argentina. You can follow Che´s footsteps along Ruta 40, uncover the secrets of Patagonia, enjoy the Pampas, and even get lost in one of the many villages that speckle the roadside. But before you pitch your tent, camping expert Meike Schuring has a few recommendations.

Tips to Renting an Apartment in Buenos Aires the Easy Way


Planning your trip to Argentina?? Now that you have downloaded your free Nightlife or Family Guide, you are probably dreaming of the perfect place to stay during your adventure.

More and more travelers are choosing the ease of renting an apartment during their stay, especially in the bustle of Buenos Aires. An apartment offers all the conveniences of a hotel but with less cost, the freedom to cook and the chance to stay in an authentic location complete with colonial architecture.

It’s important, however, to CHOOSE an Apartment with CARE. Why? Because this is your dream trip to Argentina. Where you stay is crucial to your trip.

Pinamar, Argentina – For Pine Trees and Beaches

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Pinamar is considered to be the high-brow choice for beach goers on the Atlantic coast. A five-hour, luxury bus ride away from Buenos Aires, Pinamar boasts a wide, dune-covered beach replete with balnearios (beach bars/nightclubs), a shopping center, and steak houses. Pinamar is no Punta Del Este — true there are some beautiful homes along the beach reminiscent of Cannes, Malibu or any other affluent coastal destination, but Pinamar is most of all a clean, relaxing alternative to its neighbors Mar Del Plata and Villa Gesell. It’s commercial enough to be accessible to tourists and pristine enough to offer ideal refuge from the city.