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Looking for a Great Hostel in El Calafate?

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Hostel del Glaciar LibertadorSometimes a good hostel recommendation can go a long way. Most travelers have experienced those scary-to-sleep-in sheets, those refuse-to-be-barefoot bathrooms, and those sleepless-night beds at some point on our travels. It’s part of the life of a backpacker, but hey, if you can avoid it, you may as well. So if you are heading to El Calafate at some point in your Argentina adventures, a few nights at Hostel del Libertador are the way to go.

El Gualicho Hostel in Puerto Madryn – Where Sleep is Optional (and Difficult)


El Gualicho Hostel lounge area.Puerto Madryn is a small town, but not so small that a bed hungry backpacker shouldn’t be able to find a decent place to stay after a long bus ride. After stumbling down the stairs from my highly recommended Andesmar bus, I got my list of hostels from the information desk, threw my bag over my shoulders, and followed my navigational senses that told me to walk south. Hanging out over the sidewalks on Avenida Marcos A. Zar, a bright orange sign pulled me in and I decided El Gualicho Hostel looked like the place for me.

Puerto Piramides Offers More Than Just…Whales


Argentina whale watchingPuerto Pirámides – the gateway to the whales. From Puerto Madryn the typical tourist will arrive in this town, be rounded up in a tour group and taken out to sea for an incredible whale watching escapade. At the end of the day they may have seen their whales but missed the town all together. What a shame, it’s a small community but one worth getting to know.

La Morada Hostel – Who Else Wants a Secluded Mountain Getaway?

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La Morada HostelLa Morada Hostel sits in the mountains. That’s the best way to describe it. While crashing at Hostel 1004 for a few nights in Bariloche I began to notice the signs posted everywhere, and the conversations among the travelers about this mountain getaway. Having heard this much without even asking, I became intrigued and I knew there had to be something special about this place.

Puma Hostel in San Martin de los Andes

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Puma Hostel in San Martin de los AndesIf you are looking for a mountain getaway, follow your compass South. San Martin de los Andes offers so many outdoor activities that it is difficult to validate time spent indoors while you’re there. But when you do need to catch some zzzz’s, there is no better place than Puma Hostel.