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The Doors: A Buenos Aires Photo Essay

doors01 Photographer Graham Newhall gives us a peek at his Buenos Aires, a city with a wealth of history and an even richer culture. Click for a refreshing perspective of Argentina’s capital.

Tips to Renting an Apartment in Buenos Aires the Easy Way


Planning your trip to Argentina?? Now that you have downloaded your free Nightlife or Family Guide, you are probably dreaming of the perfect place to stay during your adventure.

More and more travelers are choosing the ease of renting an apartment during their stay, especially in the bustle of Buenos Aires. An apartment offers all the conveniences of a hotel but with less cost, the freedom to cook and the chance to stay in an authentic location complete with colonial architecture.

It’s important, however, to CHOOSE an Apartment with CARE. Why? Because this is your dream trip to Argentina. Where you stay is crucial to your trip.

The Quest for an Apartment in Buenos Aires


dscn2788.JPGUpon arriving in Buenos Aires, I could not help feeling slightly overwhelmed. Not, however, in a bad or stressful sense, but rather in the way one is overwhelmed at a music festival or at a carnival: there were just too many things to see, to do, to hear, to experience. There were beautiful people everywhere, and I had to meet them! There were fantastic restaurants where I had to dine! And there were cafes, bookstores, antique galleries, and tango lessons, all of which I had to be a part of! On my first walk through the streets of San Telmo, where I was dropped off in the taxi from the airport, I decided that I needed to stay in Buenos Aires for a long time, in order to experience all of this. It was that kind of overwhelming.

Booking in Buenos Aires – Apartments Versus Hotels


imgp1475.jpgMany travelers coming to Argentina for the first time appreciate the option of staying at their favorite name hotel. The Sheraton, the Four Seasons, and the Hilton all have high-rise luxury properties in downtown Buenos Aires. However, if you’re staying for more than a few days in Buenos Aires, renting an apartment from an agency is an excellent option to booking a hotel room by the night.

How to Rent an Apartment in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires apartment living room I wasn’t as mad as I was awed. Who knew renting an apartment in Buenos Aires could be such an ordeal? For the second day in a row our real estate agent in Buenos Aires (think a Boratesque Israeli who had an Argentine parent and spent most of his life in both countries) had not lived up to his word. The four beautiful apartments that he had been referring to the other day manifested themselves as one rubbish apartment and two others that “probably weren’t worth seeing” – according to him – so we didn’t. Now, I’m pretty passive and relaxed so at this point I wasn’t too fed up; I was excited to be looking at apartments in Buenos Aires to call home for a few months. But not everyone is like me, thankfully, so some advice is in order.