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El Vegetariano Restaurant in Bariloche; NOT Meat

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El Vegetariano Restaurant in BarilocheBeef – it’s what’s for dinner.” Unless you are a vegetarian. And believe it or not, in a country known for its beef, where the asado is a tradition, it IS possible to survive as a vegetarian. In Bariloche for example, the popular El Vegetariano restaurant provides a delicious alternative to the local carnivorous customs.

La Morada Hostel – Who Else Wants a Secluded Mountain Getaway?

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La Morada HostelLa Morada Hostel sits in the mountains. That’s the best way to describe it. While crashing at Hostel 1004 for a few nights in Bariloche I began to notice the signs posted everywhere, and the conversations among the travelers about this mountain getaway. Having heard this much without even asking, I became intrigued and I knew there had to be something special about this place.

The Seven Lakes Crossing in Patagonia – Take a Road Trip You Can Be Proud Of

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The Seven Lakes Crossing in Patagonia, Argentina

One day, seven lakes, five towns, the Andes Mountains, and the wild outdoors. An amazing trip, and there is no better way to maximize your sight seeing experience around the Lake District. Here are the facts on a road trip from Bariloche that will weave you through the Patagonia Seven Lakes crossing.

Hostel 1004 in Bariloche – Penthouse Views at Hostel Prices


The view of Bariloche out of Hostel 1004's windowOne of my favorite hostel experiences took place in Bariloche where the views are as great as the company. Hostel 1004 sits on the tenth floor of the highest building in Bariloche. It is a unique hostel location and experience; and quite possibly the cheapest price you will ever pay for a lake side, panoramic view of the Andes Mountains.

La Marmite – For Fun Fondue Dining

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La Marmite in Bariloche - a great Fondue experienceEverybody say Cheese! …Because when you discover the wonders of the cheese fondue at La Marmite in Bariloche, a picture is a must. I highly recommend La Marmite for its Swiss specialties, and also just for the fun of a fondue experience.