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Buenos Aires’ Top Tours


Navigating yourself around a mega metropolis like Buenos Aires can be daunting. And if you’ve only got a few days to spare, it’s hard to know which sites to put on the to-do list. To…

Argentine Countryside – Gran Buenos Aires


cimg1527.jpgArgentines like to own country homes. In a nation where banks were recently the bad guys who didn’t let you withdraw your own funds, real estate makes for a convenient investment. From modest to lavish, it’s customary for those who are able to invest in a second home outside of the city. If you happen to be visiting Buenos Aires and would like to get away for a day in the countryside, you can follow the local tradition and drive an hour or so out of town along the river to relax in meadows amongst the trees.

La Boca, Buenos Aires – Touristy and Worth Every Minute

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img_1946.thumbnail.jpgThe neighborhood of La Boca is, as many would say, a tourist trap. It is not uncommon to encounter more foreigners than locals wandering through the streets. You can definitely expect to see overpriced everything. And the tourist shop workers will go to any length to draw you in with hopes that you’ll buy some of their souvenirs. Yet, even knowing all of that, it is a spot that I recommend every Buenos Aires traveler should experience. There is a reason that so many tourists make La Boca a priority on their itinerary, and once you are there you will soon be overwhelmed by its charm and understand exactly why.

San Antonio de Areco – Gauchos, Pulperias, and Amazing Chocolate

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The Olla de Cobre Chocolate Shop.  MMmmmmm.Just a two hour bus ride from Buenos Aires and a few centuries back in time, there is a bona fide gaucho pueblo. San Antonio de Areco, 112 km from the capital city, is by presidential decree a historical town of national interest, and with good reason. Dispersed amongst the beautiful period houses are authentic pulperias, almacénes and the long-established workshops of craftsmen and artisans.

La Plata, Argentina is Worth a Second Visit


Plaza Moreno in La Plata.La Plata, located only 60km south of the capital Buenos Aires, has more to it than meets the eye. My first trip to this apparently sleepy town was uninspiring, and I decided to leave before lunchtime. The next time I visited was on a hot summer afternoon and a friend showed me around the city. When the time came to catch the bus back to Buenos Aires, I didn’t want to leave.