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San Vicente – Escape the Hustle of Buenos Aires for the Weekend, on a Happy Meal Budget

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San Vicente, right outside Buenos AiresWalking the quaint streets around the plaza, or watching the sun set over the lake, it is easy to forget that you are just outside the bustle of Buenos Aires. In San Vicente, just passed the southern districts of greater Buenos Aires, the pace of life slows down dramatically, the people are less self-occupied, and the visitor has the undeniable feeling that this is a taste of rural Argentina. There is basically no tourist infrastructure in San Vicente, and the resulting advantage is that the accommodations available (a campground by the lake with all the facilities) caters to locals and costs only two pesos per night (about US$0.70).

Center Norte in Buenos Aires – The Largest IMAX Screen in South America


The Center Norte Cinemas in Buenos AiresLocated about 30 minutes north of Belgrano, Center Norte is an entertainment haven for kids, gamers, or anyone looking for a good time. In a structure the size of a large shopping mall, there is a full amusement park that includes a rollercoaster (among other attractions), a 28 lane bowling alley, an endless arcade, a food court, a multiple screen movie theater, and as if that wasn’t enough, the largest IMAX screen in South America.

El Tigre, Argentina – A Calm Oasis 30 cents Away from Buenos Aires

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El Tigre Delta, an oasis day trip outside Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The hour train ride to the delta town of El Tigre cost 30 cents. Before we even arrived, this was already one of the best excursions of my life for that fact alone. And even with the fanfare weekend crowds, this city on the delta of Rio de la Plata was a bubble of serenity compared to the tempo of Buenos Aires living.

Why you Should Take a Side Trip to Uruguay


Hand sculpture on a Punta del Este Beach

Though technically a separate country, a quick trip to Uruguay is a must for visitors spending any length of time in Argentina. Those staying long-term in Buenos Aires are forced to make a pilgrimage every three months over the border in order to renew their visas. And considering the proximity, even people just visiting for a few days can take a day trip over to Colonia, returning to Buenos Aires in time for a tango dinner show or a night out with friends. All this to and fro between the neighboring countries is made possible by the efficient and modern Buquebus, a collection of ferries and buses connecting Buenos Aires with Uruguay’s three main coastal destinations, Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este.

Yes, Buenos Aires has a Chinatown.


Yes, Buenos Aires has a Chinatown.Have you ever been desperate to find a gallon of soy sauce? I know I have. Well there is no need to fret my friends… Barrio China, that’s China town to you and me, is here to help, with not one but several stores providing a plethora of soy sauce in all varieties and sizes. No seriously, China town, in a small corner of the Belgrano neighborhood, does provide some of the few shops in the city where things like hot sauce, tofu, black beans, and Dijon mustard can be purchased.