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Unique Boutiques – Where to Shop in Palermo


Fashionistas looking to sink their teeth into Buenos Aires’ local design scene (and put a sizable dent in their bank account) should make a beeline for the city’s hipster Palermo district and check out these…

Casual Dining in Palermo Soho


The California Burrito Company, or CBC most people call it, recently opened their 2nd restaurant in Buenos Aires, taking their downtown concept to a whole new level in one of the city’s hippest, booming barrios.

Argentines Drink Licaudos

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Photos by Vanessa HoeseWhen you first get to Argentina, it may seem that the only thing people drink is mate. Well, parched writer Sophie Parsons delves into the other drinks of Argentina- first up, licuados!

Let There Be Hot Sauce: La Fabrica del Taco


La Fabrica del Taco, Palermo’s authentic Mexican taqueria, can convert even an Argentine palate to picante ways.

Ditch the Tour Guide, Download a Walking Tour to Buenos Aires


mp3tourslogoExploring one of the world’s most exciting cities, Buenos Aires, has never been this fun. Here’s a little secret to the best city tour ever: ditch the tour guide and the herd mentality. Instead, pull out your ipod or mp3 player and download a mp3 walking tour and digital map from MPTours. It’s the best bet for a cinematic, engaging and insider’s guide to Buenos Aires’ most fascinating neighborhoods.